Friday, December 3, 2010

Mom's Bak Chang

I love my mom's bak chang, which is chinese rice dumpling. Whenever I am home, I will get her to make some for me. When I was a little girl, I love to watch how she wrapped those glutinous rice into one kind of leave and tie them up with its special string. After I moved to Singapore 14 years ago, I missed her bak chang every bak chang festival.

This trip, though she is living with me in Singapore now, when we came home for 2 weeks, I requested her to make some for me again. Mom loves it when we ask her to cook our favourite food for us. No matter how much trouble it takes her, she will never complain. Mommy is the BEST!!

I did try to learn to make bak chang from her. But they are just too much work and hassle for me. Nevertheless, I managed to capture her step by step. As for actual ingredient, I didn't manage to get the exact amount as she just use estimation. Its up to your own taste.

1. Stir fry some garlic

2. She had pre-mixed the glutinous with normal rice up to 1kg (for approximately 20 medium size bak chang). Of cos she washed them clean before cooking.

3. After the garlic has fragrant, pour in the rice mixture and continue to stir fry.

4. Add black soy sauce.

5. Add 3 tbsp of five spice powder

6. Add salt to taste

7. Continue to stir fry the rice for 15 minutes

8. Remove the half cooked rice to a big bowl to cool

9. Bak chang leaves must be soaked and thoroughly clean before use

10. Scoop rice first, then add meat and mushroom which were braised earlier ( I didn't have the recipe for this as my mom cooked them before I can steal some snaps).

11. Cover the meat with more rice

12. Wrap up and tie them onto a string

13. These are the completed bak chang. You will need to boil them in a big pot of water for 4 to 6 hours. Yes, that long

13. Cooked bak chang. Ready to be served

Best served warm with sweet MAGGI chili sauce. Simply Yummilicious!!!

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