Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunny Sunday 16.08.09

Listening to Kris Dayanti's songs...

Went to TTSH to visit grandma as she was admitted on Thurs. Then we went to Square 2 for late lunch and went for coffee with Aunt Stella. She just got back from Taiwan late last night. She was very lucky to have escaped the typhoon which struck Taiwan lately. Thank GOD that she came back safely.

I have been looking for a pair of shoes for work for the past months. I m not a shoe person and I will not spend lots of money on them as they usually do not last for more than 4 months, at the rate and how I take care of them. I am a bad bad care taker for shoes. To start with, I am a BIG foot girl and seriously, its damn hard to find a pair of shoe that fit me. They can be size 9 or 10 in length, but broadness at the front just doesn't fit at all. So only certain brand like Heatwave might have them, though only few designs. The one I am currently wearing is gonna give way soon. Not sure when but I do not want to wait till something happen then it will be even harder to find a pair. So usually before it fails me, I will start hunting for one. Last week I went to Lucky Plaza hoping to find one as the one in Far East Plaza is a very small shop and can't find any pair that fits me. But unfortunately, the shop in Lucky Plaza was closed down for more than a year!! Wuahaha.. so funny.. no wonder I went round and round the whole basement 1 and still can't seems to find that shop. Anyway, we happened to walk pass Heatwave in Square 2 unexpectedly and finally found this pair. Okie la.. though not that fantastic but at least my feet can get into it. Hahaha.. consider lucky.

Then, we went to Iluma again. On Monday, I bought a dress at Nichii and wore it on Friday. When I came home, hubby told me the back was torn at the seams. Damn.. now I wonder when it was torn and did anyone sees me in a torn dress? Initially my intention was to have a one to one exchange, and if they refuse, I am willing to have them rectify the problem and get it sewn back. I don't care but I am not gonna pay f0r a dress to be worn for once and threw it away or leave it aside (which is as good as throwing it away). But end up they gave me an option, whether to change for a new piece of the same dress or another dress for the same price? Of cos I would choose the latter... What if the new piece of the same dress have the same problem? It would be a waste of time to go for another exchange, which I doubt there will be a 2nd exchange allowed. So I tried another dress and since the price of the dress is lower than the original, I managed to grab an accessories which worked out to almost the same amount of the 1st dress. Came home a happy girl with another new dress. :D