Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have been looking for a decal for quite some time and finally found this one... wanted to give it a try and since these decals are on sales, I just bought 2 sets to give it a go. At least if it doesn't work as much as I wanted it to be, at least I only spent $20 for both decals. Usually they are rather costly.

Conclusion, I shouldn't have gotten the glossy version, as it makes the decals look very reflective on my matt wall, just doesn't go well together.

Jac's belated birthday pressie & her Xmas gift

Remember a month ago when I posted "Special Gift in the Making"? Well, it didn't turn out exactly what I wanted, hence I bought new yarn and made this instead. This texture feels really soft and furry... ( I hope the new owner will love it too!)

And as for Xmas, here is our another special made gift. We chose the little cactus (they came in brown little pots), the gold pot and I paid for these. But Superhubby made this into such a lovely home of cactus. He has such a pair of superb hand.