Friday, August 7, 2009

Nobody by Wonder Girls

Yes, still talking about them....told ya... can't get them out of my head.

Last night, when I was watching their MV on youtube, I have a conclusion, that I am gonna start saving lots of money and go to Korea for plastic surgery. I wanna look pretty and gorgeous.. ahaha... and Simone wanted to give me a SLAP to wake me up from that idea. She thinks I don't need it. My hubby thinks my body needs it more than my face. Well, I can always do lipo together with the plastic surgery, all at one go. Wuahaha.. crazy right? But who wouldn't after seeing this MV.

Check this out. close to perfection. Damned. I think Korea has one of the best plastic surgeon in the world.

I told my "yo darling" this morning and he said... how long can this look last? 3 years? 4 years? Seriously, I have no freaking idea. As much as I can't answer the question, how long will I live or when I am going to die? Life is so short.. might as well look this gorgeous and die after. Wuahaha.. not bad heh? May be I might meet a handsome angel?

Wonder Girls

Thats IT!! I can't seems to get them out of my head. Their hit song, NoBody.. it keeps playing in my mind from last night till now. Thanks to my colleague Hida!! Damn... she 1st started showing me this funny version of a Thai fan who imitate their dance steps.

Then.. another version..

...which I forwarded the links to some friends to watch, and my best friend gave me her version which is her niece.. haha.. enjoy this one too

So damn funny la... Okie.. now here comes the cutest miniature version...

So now you know, why this song seems to get stuck in my head!!