Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Than Blue

Was watching this Korean movie last night. Its called More Than Blue. If I were to know it was such a sad sad movie, I would not watch it. The sadness still lingers in my heart even when I woke up today. Still sad.

The story is about this guy, K, who was abandoned by his mom when he was 13 years old. His dad passed away a year before, due to cancer. Cream, is a girl who lost her family in a car accident. These two people continue their lives filling in each other's longings like family, friends and lovers. But K has less than 200 days to live due to cancer too. (It seems to me that in all Korean drama or movies, the lead actor or actress tends to die of an illness, be it heart problem, cancer or leukemia.) When he's gone, he knows she'll be all alone. K decides to find someone who can be with her for the rest of her life. Joo-Hwan is a dentist, a kind and gentle soul. But most importantly, he is a healthy human being. Joo-Hwan falls in love with her the moment he sees her... but Joo-Hwan is engaged. His fiancee, Jenna, who is a photographer, sleeps around and some how, K managed to get some pics to prove that she has been unfaithful to Joo-Hwan, hence asking her to break off their engagement so that Cream can be with Joo-Hwan. Jenna refused to initially, but she agreed to do so with a condition, that K allows her to take his photos. (Not sure why she wants to do that)... may be she finds it interesting to take pics of a person who is dying and trying to find a life partner for the woman he loves.

Well, Jenna didn't keep her promised and K had no choice but to reveal those pics to Joo-Hwan and the engagement was called off. It was heart breaking to watch the part when K chose the wedding gown for Cream and he was crying his heart out knowing he won't be the one marrying this woman that he loves all his life.

But the last part of the show, time went back to the part of seeing things from Cream's side. She actually knew what he was going thru and trying to do and as K didn't want her to know he was ill, she kept along the secret with her and played along with his wishes. But the sad part was that at the end, after he passed away, she couldn't bear to live her life without him, she killed herself to be with him, and the stories ended so sadly. I just can't seems to find the right words to use to describe the ending ( too emotional for me... )... but I guess this kinda love only exist in the movie.. in the wonderland... who would do such act in the name of Love.. ????
Anyway, enjoy the OST attached here. The OST is very nice. Don't forget to On your Speaker.

Happening dinner at Jac's on Thursday Night 03.09.09

Went to Jac's place for dinner. She loves cooking too, and she always cook really nice and healthy food and will invite her friends over to her cosy home , which is located at the heart of town.

Jac, is one of my BFF. She will always try to be there when I need her, even if I can't have her physically by my side, but her ears are almost reachable thru phone, except when she is travelling on flight, or when she is in overseas, due to time difference, I will try not to call her even when I really need her listening ears. But knowing I have a friend like her, its just warmth to just think of it. Thanks Jac, for being such a wonderful friend.

Now, Jac, Jennifer and Prof. Kum are the few close ones when I was working in SLS. Jac is a dietitian, Jennifer a nurse, and Prof.Kum, a general surgeon. Jennifer is one bloody funny gal, we can joke about almost anything, as disgusting as SHIT... and only us (including Jac), can laugh over SHIT jokes. Yes, I really meant Shit as of SHIT!!! LOL... Prof.Kum, not sure how to describe him, and since he doesn't read my blog, I can just whack anyhow!!! LOL... well, he can be very funny and for those who doesn't know him well, he may sound rather sarcastic (unintentionally). But only those who knows him well, will know he is not such a person.

So, that night, we had lots of FUN, FUN & more FUN!!! It was good dinner with good food and good company. Everyone brought their partners along. And we were so looking forward to meet Prof.Kum's new gf, Clara. Woohooo.. she is one cool babe... as we are a bunch of loud people, yes, we are really LOUD (and I 've always wonder if Jac's neighbour have ever complain about the noise level we created whenenver we are at her place?)... but not only did Clara found herself in a group of loud people, but she blended in the loudness too and immediately we love her already. She is very spontaneous, cheeky and fun. Just like the rest of us. LOL..

After dinner, we played card game called Taboo and we had so much fun that I almost lost my voice the next day. We were too excited and laughed so loud!!!! I am not gonna describe further into details how Clara uses Prof.Kum during her description of words, but some can be rather RA. Hahahaha... we laughed till we had really bad stomach cramps. OMG!!!!

Anyway, so much of the fun, I am already looking forward to our next gathering. Hopefully soon. Till then, Thanks Jac!!!

Sunny Saturday 05.09.09

Usually Saturdays (and Sundays) are the days when I really pigged out at home and do just nothing. It can be watching tv whole day (or Hong Kong TVB series).. or just sitting in front of my PC and downloading songs, blogging, playing games online, surfing for new ideas etc... makes my weekend a happy one.

But this weekend is different from the usual weekends. I woke up at 12pm and quickly got ready to head down to Vivocity to meet Mun Poh, an ex-classmate who now lives in London and her hubby. I hate to go town or shopping malls on weekend as I hate crowds. I get really impatient when it comes to crowded weekend. I try to be more patient but I just can't help it. The crowds just somehow drives me nuts. LOL
We went to this Japanese fast food place, (can't remember whats the name of the place though I went there twice, once last year)..and I ate the same food.. Japanese curry with rice covered with a thin layer of egg. Nice... here is a glimpse of it before they were gone.

This is Mun Poh, who is now Mun Arthur. I won't wanna go any further of her stories in Spore. Anyway, I ain't sure when will I see her again. I used to visit her quite often when I was still flying and London being my fav destination, I did 2 to 3 flights to London every month. Yeah, we are of the same age.