Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 2 @ Home Sweet Home

Been watching tv almost whole day except when I was sleeping at night. Hahahaha.. mom's fav past time is watching her taiwanese hokkien series from the"happy channel" on Astro that brother subscribed for her, and only her. So you can imagine how good my taiwanese hokkien gets after being home for a week, given that I pick up dialects and languages quite fast. haha... they sound really funny as the hokkien sounds like an exact translation from mandarin.

I prefer to watch cooking show though. My favs are Sugar by Anna Olson, Martha Stewart, Michael Smith, Nigella Lawson... these are my alltime fav chefs, cooks, whatever you call them, but to me, they are just angels with good food to share.

Another fav past time is to play with little Rou Ching aka Rachel (hubby gave her that name since her chinese name rhymes with "Rachel". She is a 2 year-old girl whose parents live nearby and mom baby sits her in the day time when her parents go to work. She is very cute. Very talkative, busybody and a copycat. She repeat what you say and she does her baby talks all the time. Of cos we do not know what she is talking about but she seems to be happily yacking away as if she understood what she mumbles. She also loves to follow us whenever we go. She will carry her little chair or stool, follow us and when we are busy, she will park her chair (or sometimes stool) beside where we stand and continue yacking away. Even as I m typing this blog... she is touching my face and calling me "auntie" or "mama".. and yack yack yack... hahaha.. she damn cute lor.. cannot tahan.. i can't help but kiss her all the time. She has really nice curly hair. Love that curls.
Okie.. I m off playing with "Rachel" again...till then... adios...
Oh Oh.. btw.. mom is cooking my fav dishes again today... keep a lookout for the pics tomorrow. :o)