Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dessert Dessert... and more dessert...and more food..

Kim ordered a small Bailey's cheesecake for her friend's birthday on Friday. Glad to know they enjoyed the cake.

And as I was meeting AGENT ZERO and Michelle on Friday for dinner, I made a small brownies with lots of chocolates chips in it, and I sprinkled lots more on the top before baking. Yum yum... Crispy at the top and gooey at the bottom. I cut small little pieces and packed for Simone the night before so its easy for her to eat them while on her way to work the next day and she came home telling me they are the best brownies she had ever eaten. Thats makes all the effort worth while..

I decided to meet at Hougang Central instead, as I made them travel all the way from Shenton way for Michelle and Bishan for ZERO(but I found out that he went back home to CCK before he drove over to meet us). I try to arrange for a venue not too far from my home, as I can't take long distance of travelling due to my back pain.
Anyway the food at the Food Court is extremely expensive to my taste. I ordered white rice with curry chicken, brinjal and peanuts. And freaking paid $6.00 for this. Auntie forgotten to "splash" some curry on the rice, so when I went back there to ask for curry, after she did so, she said "Enjoy your meal".. eh eh.. not bad heh.. for an auntie to wish you that at a food court.. no wonder the meal was so expensive. And when I told Michelle that, she said I better enjoy that meal. Hahaha.. you know what we meant. :oP
On Saturday noon, I was too lazy to go out for lunch, more over my back pain has not totally recover yet, infact I am still feeling the pain as I m sitting here and typing my blog. Ouchhhh....So, I thought I will just cook some noodles (though I dislike instant noodles), but do I have much choices? Not really. Can't be too picky now, so I just cooked some noodles for lunch yesterday, and thank GOD, I found some cheese cuttlefish balls in the freezer, and I added an egg to the last boil and tah dahhhh.....That was my lunch yesterday. But I am hungry now, and I got sick of instant noodles already. So I decided to just drink water, and I am lucky again, found some pears in the fridge, courtesy of Eric, my Godbrother. He bought me some fruits when he came to collect some mails from me few days ago...Anyway.. I better go eat my pear now. Bubyeeee....

What Have I Been Doing ?

Some of you must be wondering what have I been doing at home since I m on MC? Well, when I am given MC, means, I m unwell. When one is unwell, there isn't much you can do but stay home and rest. I did the same, but it would be bored to death doing nothing, hence I was "busy" watching my Hong Kong TVB drama E.U. "學警狙擊"

Loved the show. Quite some time ago, I'd read somewhere, that there is this character called "Laughing gor" (meaning brother Laughing), acted by Michale Tse. Everyone seems to go crazy over him, or much to say, this Laughing gor character in the show, which indirectly made him a famous man overnight. Michael has been a TVB actor for many years but was never famous until acting as Laughing. He was always a villain in all, or I would say, most of the shows he had acted in. But this time round, he is an undercover cop. But the sad thing, he died in the show. And seems like many fans are rather unhappy with the death of his character, that TVB has decided to come up with another series called Laughing gor itself, yes, a series named after his character. Its gonna be a hit cos everyone is looking forward to this show, me too!!!

Thats Laughing gor (front).

Michael Tse(left) and Michael Miu(right). I love these both Michaels.

Aren't they cute? Put them together and its Damn Cute lar... Hehe....:D