Saturday, October 3, 2009

iRibena Soda

1) Don't stir yet..

2) Stir a little...

3) Stir a little bit more.....
4) Stir even more.....!!!!
5) Yummilicious Ribena Soda

iLove Cactus

I have always loved cactus, being small and cute but full of torns. Just like me, I may look fierce and loud but I am full of colors and lots of characters (yeah right!)... LOL
Stop bullshitting about myself too much. Yikes...

Anyway, I was never good at taking care of plants. Don't know why. I can never be like Supermommy. My home in Kulim, has a nice garden all done by Supermommy. She has the patience to keep these plants green and colorful. But plants under my care, they all went to heaven ( I think so.. or else where do they go when they die...? They can't sin, so I guess they go to heaven).

I had cactus twice and all died within the same year. They survived less than a year under my care. WTF??? Serious!!! I heard from friends, that cactus are the easiest plant to maintain, and yet, all cactus I owned, all died. OMG!!! But I love cactus, and I also learnt that placing cactus at the front of the house, can keep the evils away. I always have nightmare of g****ly thing, coming after me, but ever since I kept cactus, never had those dreams anymore. So I somehow, MUST have cactus. So when they die, I will buy new ones. Finally, I found a nice pot big enough to house 8 different cactus. But I was too afraid of their torns, so Superhubby was very sweet. He was supposed to go out drinking with his excolleagues, and me, busy baking brownies for an excolleague who ordered it for tomorrow's delivery. Suddenly he appeared in the kitchen, which gave me a shock cos I was on my iPod and didn't hear him at the door all the way to the kitchen. When I asked why he didn't go for the drinking session, he replied he was having headache... so I let him be and continue plugging my iPod and baking.

When I was done baking, I found him outside the house doing up my cactus. Awwww... so sweet... didn't know arranging cactus could also takes away headache! LOL.. hahahaha... anyway, I really appreciate that... Here are some pics for your appreciations too.

Somehow, I came across this plant and find it very nice... but was not allowed to buy as we do not have anymore place to put this outsite. ( I am not allowed to put plants with soil in the house, as I have a clean freak Superhubby).