Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Foodies & a Pink Bike

Ien Ling called me for lunch today at Alex's Eating House. He knows I love the roasted pork rice there, as I would always say, the best roasted pork rice in Singapore. I had to rush as it took me approximately 10 mins to walk there from Suntec City, in the hot sun, damn bloody hot sun! But for Alex's roasted pork rice, its worthy. I was just telling Ien today, what is a 10 mins walk in the sun for a good meal? I would not mind the walk.

Then, as usual, after a hearty lunch at Alex's, we proceed to Ah Chew's Dessert at Liang Seah St, for a good bowl of Mango Sago with Pomelo. But I went for something different today, Ien had the mango ones, but when I had the bowl of mango dessert last night after watching Julie & Julia, I saw that they have this range of new dessert, steamed milk, with red bean, with cookies, or simply steamed milk on its own. I love cookies, so I decided to give it a try today since I already had my share of mango last night.

Not bad, the top part tasted of crushed cookies, and smelled like Milo... Had no idea what cookies tasted like Milo, but the steamed milk at the bottom part, was very soft and smooth to my palate. Not bad I would say, its cold by the way. But after all, I still love my Mango Sago with Pomelo, BEST!!!

Then, while I was walking back to the office, before crossing the overhead bridge, I saw this indian lady walking in front of me. I couldn't help it but felt so amazed by her sense of dressing. She was wearing a white pants that the material is thin enough to see through her undies, and best part, priceless part, she was wearing checkers undies. So damn clear right in front of my eyes, OMG!!!! As I walked up the stairs, I looked up and saw her checkers undies all the way till I reached the top of the overhead bridge. So, being naughty as usual, I took some snaps of her checkers... call me mean but really.. if she dares to wear it, I dare to take her pic and share with everyone here.

For dinner, me and Superhubby together with J & J (Jac & Jennifer), went to New Everest Kitchen for a sumptious meal there. Food there always tasted good and worth the money too. Got to know a gurkha trainer there. He is a regular and had a chat with him till the J & J arrived later before dinner started. I love their new menu, equiped with pics for every dish which make it much easier for everyone to order their dishes.

Whenever we have Jac for dinner, there sure to be a round of dessert. So we decided to drive to Rochor for soya bean curd but the famous stall was too crowded and we didn't want to queue and standing there while waiting for seats. So we just ate at the stall next to the Rochor ones.

While I was walking back to the car, with Jenn beside me yacking away, (Jac & Superhubby was in front of us), I suddenly turned right and saw my favourite bike! Yamaha Fino!!! ( I just knew the name Fino now). I had seen this model on the road few times, but I just couldn't figure out what model and brand as I knew it is definitely not Piaggio Vespa. Best part, this bike is in pink and the seat too!! OMG!!! Better still, while we were taking pics of the bike, the owner came by and we had a quick chat and I managed to find out more of the bike in details. And the shop she bought from. Hahaha.. I am a chatter and as much as I could... I chatted some infos from her... and of cos, Jac helps with some questions too. Jenn seems excited and she said she wanted a bike too... but we think, its better that she drives. She owns a lime green Nissan March. I used to love that car, cute and simple.
Here is a snap of the bike. I didn't have my camera with me and I was using my Samsung Pixon to take this snap, the flash is not good enough. But still, I am happy and excited. Oh... the owner of this bike, she has a pink helmet too! Wuahahaha...