Monday, September 21, 2009

Chocolate Lava Cake aka Molten Chocolate Cake

Woke up around almost noon time. My back pain wasn't any better. And I feel so tired and even more lazy by now. The day looked sunny earlier, so Superhubby suggested we go for a swim, knowing how much I love to swim in the sun and to get some tanning at the same time. It has been a long time since I get to swim in the sun, needless to say, getting the tan.

Thank GOD the outdoor pool wasn't that crowded and I managed to swim in peace, meaning without everyone knocking into me or that I have to stop for others along the lap.

After we left the pool, we finally managed to check out the kite flying around that area. We always drove pass and never get the chance to check out more, as I have always wanted to fly a kite, high high above the sky. We ever bought a damn cheap kite, for $5 and it refused to fly. LOL... That was sometime ago, last year. Now, these ones are the professional, or almost professional types. Some of the kites even use the parachute material and a 1.5m kite can easily cost $50, excluding the string and its casing. The one I like is bigger and cost about $90, and with the string and casing, cost $115.00. I didn't carry so much cash just now, so I will have to go back there the week after next. I can't wait to get my hands on the kite and start flying it up up high above the sky.

Came home feeling hungry. So I made the Chocolate Lava Cake aka Molten Chocolate Cake.

Lazy Sunday 20.09.09

It was a lazy Sunday. We were too lazy to go out for lunch and dinner. Since I made some potato salad yesterday morning, so I whipped up a simple dinner but a satisfying one. As I always stock-up my bolognese sauce in the freezer (I usually cook a big pot of it and separate them in small containers for easy use each time and store them in freezer. As long as they stay in the freezer, they can last a long time. When need a portion, just take out one of the container and thaw it in the microwave first before heating it up on the stove).

So, all I need was to boil water for the spagetti and later heat up the sauce then mix them up. But this time, I mixed the sauce with some carbonara sauce, which I bought quite some time ago and have totally forgotten about it till I was ransacking the kitchen cabinet and found this. Fede, my Italian sister, ever taught me, for a unique taste of bolognese, I can mix with some fresh cream. But I didn't have cream sauce yesterday and I could just make use of that carbonara sauce, though it didn't taste as good as the fresh cream. But its okie. When you are lazy, you use what you can find at home. Cannot complain too much. :D

I left the soup part to Superhubby. All he need to do was to heat Campbell's Cream of Potato with Roasted Garlic soup. Found some left over loaf of bread in the kitchen. Toasted 2 pieces and spread with some butter and woah lah..... a complete meal for the 2 lazy pigs.

The Skin

Remember last week when my finger had a bad cut off the skin while it got stuck in the drawer? I forgotten to add in, that the next day, I actually looked into the drawer trying to find the skin. Wuahaha.. I was thinking, since the skin wasn't hanging from the finger, obviously it had dropped off somewhere and that somewhere could be no where else but the drawer!!! Initially I was fiddling with the metal piece trying to see if it got stuck there, (with Kim asking me what I was trying to do, and when I told her I was looking for the skin, she was like "EWWWWWW....."). Hahahaa.

Anyway, I couldn't feel it under the metal piece which cut my finger. But not wanting to give up, as it kept telling me in my head that it must be somewhere there... in the drawer... and I FOUND IT!!! I found it, right in a box of where I kept the access card and it was just right on top of the bunch of cards!! All dried up. Wuahahhaa... LOL LOL LOL... Took a snap of it. The Skin.