Saturday, December 5, 2009

Marble Brownies

These brownies are my latest creation. These are made from both white and dark chocolate, separated so they form a nice color combination and looked like marble, hence the name, Marble Brownies.

Going to Joel's place to check out his new baby boy tomorrow. Huan Bin will be joining us and he loves dessert. So I made these squares and will be bringing them over to Joel's place tomorrow noon. Will keep some for Aunt Stella later when we gather for our usual Saturday dinner with grandpa.

Grandpa will be taking off to Ipoh by coach tomorrow evening after dinner. Thereafter, as usual, we will drop Aunt Stella home and she will make tea or coffee for us. So these marble squares will go well with those hot drinks. Yum Yum... ( shhhhh.. I already ate a piece while blogging here. Hehehe... )