Sunday, September 20, 2009

T-Shirt Sample for SuperBrother

Let me tell you how this idea of wearing a T-shirt with our family status came about.

During my recent trip back home in August, we went to the Queensbay Mall in Penang, and with us was Rou Ching, the one and a half year-old little girl whom SuperMom baby-sit. As we walked and shopped, I love to hold little Rou Ching with me or even carry her sometimes as she is too tiny to follow our phase. Then I realised, that people who looked at us, must be thinking that my brother and I are a couple and Rou Ching is our daughter, with Mom-In-Law towing along us. LOL.. When I told Superbrother that, he got freaked out and think this has spoil his chance of getting hooked up with some chicks (Superbrother is still single and available.. ).. So I told him, the next time I come back home, I shall invent a T-Shirt for each of us, stated our status in the family, like SuperBrother for him, SuperMom for mommy, SuperSister for myself, SuperHubby for my dear husband and SuperGodBrother for KinKin. (for those of you who follow my blog, would know who is KinKin).

Then, I am sure, not only ppl would not mistaken with our individual status in the family, they would find it unique too, and I plan for this as our Chinese New Year clothes. Wuahahaha... its gonna look cute and funny... we are one FUN I wish SuperPapa is around.. I miss him.. and missing him would always bring tears to my eyes....*sniff sniff*

Sunny Sunday on 20.09.09

Woke up early today, for a Sunday at 9:45am, its damn early for me. LOL... I usually sleep till noon time, ermmm... 12 to 1pm? Last Saturday, I slept at 1:30am and woke up at 2:30pm. Thats a 13 hours of sleep. Hahahaha....!!!! I know this is crazy, but my body just seems to want that much of sleep during weekends, perhaps I have been deprived of sleep on weekdays. So when it comes to weekend, I have to sleep at least 10 hours at one go.. or else I would feel a short change of sleep and feeling grouchy. But after that 13 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling even more tired and even more grouchy. Can't help it. So this week, I told myself, I must wake up before noon..

Yesterday I woke up at 10am as the courier service company called to verify my address as I had arranged for a pick up of brownies and cheesecake to my client. She ordered a Nutty Chocolate brownies and a Oreo Cheesecake, for the festive season. Its Hari Raya, where Muslims would fast for 1 month before the Hari Raya. When the yummies reached her, she text me saying the yummies smelled so good that she almost wanted to cancel her fasting and proceed with the eating away. Hahaha... Anyway, after the pick up, me and Superhubby went to Rivermale Mall for breakfast and I was hoping for a McDonald's Sausage and Egg McGriddles. But the breakfast cut-off time is 11am and at that time, it was already 11:30am. Disappointed...:o(

My backpain is acting up again, started yesterday and it somehow got worse and last night, I was sleeping in pain. Got woken up by more pain and took Arcoxia for pain relief. I am someone who hates pain killer and as much as I could, I will try to bear with the pain till I really cannot stand any more pain and will I consider taking pain killer. Have no choice now, but to seek for an osteopath, recommended by Gurmit Singh. He claimed that he used to have back problem years ago and he only visited this doctor twice and his problem was since then, solved(he even orferred to refund me should the sessions show no result)...Hahaha.. So convincing heh???

Last year when I was having this pain, I went to see Dr.Kevin Yip at the Gleneagles Medical Centre and had an X-Ray done, which showed my pelvic bones were out of alignment. I was prescribed with more Arcoxia and recommended sessions of physiotherapy at Camden Medical Centre with Reg. Total cost was $1k plus. No insurance claim nor company claim. Purely out of my own freaking piggy bank. Damned...

Anyway, can only call Dr.Haynes for an appt on Tues, as the clinic will not be open tomorrow due to Public Holiday. Not sure when he can squeeze me into his schedule. But I just have to try my luck. The longer I drag this, the more pain I am gonna be suffering.

So, having missed my McDonald breakfast yesterday, I was very determine to have it today as I woke up early (due the backpain, remember?)Finally manage to have what I wanted and Superhubby(who hates fast food)... had no choice but to eat McDonald breakfast with me today. :D YAY.....

On our way home, as I walked past the walkway along the road, saw some snails that seems to be sucking on to some leaves and they looked so funny..

When we got home, I made this... Potato salad which consist of cut and chopped, potatoes, apples, carrots and hard boiled eggs. Another fav comfort food for us on a lazy weekend when we don't feel like going out for lunch.

Bumble Bee

Some idiot went for a blood check at the foyer on Friday and got this little bee for another "someone", who wanted ladybird instead and immediately that idiot went down again to get ladybird this time and this poor bee was abandoned.. of cos I adopted it and took it home with me... LOL.. so cute right???

Friday the 18th of Sept.. The Night out with Irene

Left the office at 5pm, claimed my long recorded time-off and went for my body massage, finally the last session. I will NEVER, EVER freaking sign any more package. Damn... they kept asking ppl to sign up packages.. but when I called in for appt, all the time, not half.. but ALL the time, I was told appt slot have been fully taken and I was adviced to make appt as early as a month in advance. CRAZY!!!! How would I know when I feel like having a massage 1 month in advance? And they suggested I can block appt for every Fridays and when I can't make it, then to call in for cancellation. That explains why all the appt slot are always taken up!!!! #$%^&* WTF!!!! Anyway, I ain't stupid to take up the package and happily walked out of the spa.

I walked from Dhoby Ghaut to Orchard MRT to meet Irene, and it took me 25 mins. Slow walk and enjoyed the new face lift of the stretch of Orchard Road. WOW... I saw the newly opened Orchard Central and was very tempted to walk in but I know I will be late to meet Irene at ION. So I gave it a miss and told myself, I will be back.. LOL

Here is a glimpse of the newly opened Louis Vuitton at ION.

Then we walked around the basement, from B2 to B3 and B4..looking for food, I was really damn hungry after the massage. Everywhere were crowded with human traffic and I just need food to fill up my stomach. I can't care much about what I m feeding myself. So long as decent food! So we end up at food court... I do not mind fast food but Irene didn't want to eat those. She need solid food, so we went to the Food Opera (expensive version of food court at ION). I settled for Soya Sauce chicken rice, and Irene, a bowl of mee suah with dumpling in herbal soup. (didn't manage to take a pic of her order but here is mine).

I wasn't happy with my dinner, rather expensive for a portion of chicken rice at $4.50 (the cheapest meal I guessed. The rest of the food, cost at least $5.50 for a plate of duck rice, and other local yummies, which you probably pay around $3.50 per plate, but then again, its ION, high class shopping mall...even the food court is called Food Opera).

Feeling unsatisfied, we went to Soup Spoon for my fav bowl of Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff ... this is still the best mushroom soup I ever had.

The reason I love this soup, is because of the texture. You can really taste the chunks of mushrooms and the rich creamy and velvety soup, is not too thick nor watery. Just perfect to my palate.
And its not expensive for a decent soup like this. @ $6.90
I love mushrooms, anything made of mushrooms, I just love them.

After dinner, we went to the ladies to freshen up. I went into this particular cubicle meant for moms and saw this little seat mounted at the corner, for moms to put their toddlers there while doing her business and knowing her baby is safe at sight. Really cool idea and took a snap of this. Cuteeeee...

Again, you can only find this in ION, cos "high class mall".. LOL
Even the paper hand towels dispenser and hand dryers are all located right under the mirrors. Well hidden underneath, and little signage at the bottom corner of the glass to indicate the existance of this technology.