Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still at work... from home..

Damn... its 2:36am and I had just finished up my work. Its month end again and closing, loads of invoices to generate but as I will be on 2 days MC for tmr and Fri, I will not be able to finish them by the time I get back to the office on Monday as I will have another bunch of closing invoices to generate too. Some clients are already chasing me for invoice as they will be away and just want to settle the payment before they leave. Lucky thing I can access MYOB from home Remote Desktop Connection. *Phewwww....Die die must finish tonite so I can get Mel to print them out tmr as she can distribute them to clients.

Shall write more tomorrrow. Do keep a look out for more interesting stuff. Till then, Adios...

Nitey Nitey.

*going to the lala-land now