Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Late last night, Simone & myself finally took the time to watch Twilight. OMG... after the show, both of us were so in love with the lead actor Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison). Infact, when the movie was released late last year, my friend Flora had been urging me to watch that show and I was rather amazed at how crazy she was with the whole thing and I even thought she over reacted. She even went to buy all the series of the novels and finished reading them. I thought she was mad. Now... after watching the movie last night, I know how she felt then. When I went to work today, whole day I was goo-goo-ga-ga over the movie and my colleague irritably commented "Eh... you damn slow leh... now then you realised the show is good and start talking about it now when everyone started long time ago and have gotten over it by now"... guess I am really slow..Haha.. but... slow is still better than never...

Infact, when the movie just started for the first 15 mins, I kept giving commenting about how ordinary Bella looked and "chey... Edward is just so-so lor..." don't know why everyone went crazy over him.. well well..half way thru the show, I started to understand why... its not so much about how good looking he was in the show, but its the character that he played so well. Edward is the type of man any woman will go mad about. Passionate, HOT, caring, loving, protective etc.. He appears when you least expected him to be and he is always there when you are in danger, to protect you. He is tall and lean and his eyes, oooooh.. killer look. He is charming... and he loves watching you to sleep. How about that? Isn't he almost perfect? Yes, of cos we all know, this kinda man, only exist in the movie. But its harmless to have wishful thought (though its almost impossible to find one on this planet called Earth. May be Mars??? )... haha...

We never took notice of James (Cam Gigandet) who died at the end of the show. He looked rather scary with his long hair vampired look. But when I googled him this morning, saw his short hair pics. OMG... now, Robert Pattison has to stand aside. This chap (Cam) has an even Killer look!! He has just turned 27 and is a father to a 5 months old baby now. Here are some shots of him with his "chick". A man looks even more charming with a baby in his arm.

Cheesecake Brownies

Here it is... juz arrived... fresh from the new invention by Lanny's secret recipe. The previous Brownies with Oreo Cheesecake wasn't so much of a success (though others may find it nice, but to me, its not up to perfection...too much space for improvement... till this one arrived)

Gave some to "Y-D" (and his kids), Boo Boo and Sexy and they love it. BooBoo commented this is the "best cake" he had ever tasted. Am glad that this came out a success. Even myself, I am very pleased with this new creation. Thank GOD for this new idea of combination. Been cracking my head of how to improve the last recipe I did 2 weeks ago. So long as I do not have the "improved" version, I will not sleep in peace. Guess tonight I can sleep well. :o)