Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Holiday...10.08.09

Singapore National Day was yesterday, hence today is an official PH for all of us. We went to watch G.I.Joe at Shaw Balestier, 2:25pm time slot. Good show. Again, the lead actresses were all dressed in such tight body hugging costumes, niceeeeeee.... yummilicious for all those guys out there. Not surprise that my other half was drooling over those babes...hahaha.. I would have if I were a man. Haha... Sexy Sexy....!!!!!

Then hubby went for a hair cut as he will be "check-ing in" for his 2 weeks reservist from tomorrow. Damnnn... the thought of having to go to work by public transport for the next 2 weeks are such a pain. (Yes, I am spoilt).... hahaha... blame it on the man who insist on buying a car when I said NO NO NO... now I am such a b****.... hahaha... anyway ... I love being one... hehe... so its okie... shall continue to be one... who cares....!!!

While he was having his hair cut at Chapter 2, I went for my shopping adventure at Iluma, the new shopping centre in Bugis.

At the main lobby, LG was having a roadshow for their new mobile phone GD900 Crystal. Very nice phone with a transparent glass panel keypad.

I wanted to have a look at the demo set, but this uncle was hogging the phone as if it was his.... I stood there staring and waiting for him to finish "playing" with the phone. 5 mins passed and he was still "playing" with it (and doesn't seems to want to let others have a look at it)... selfish b*****d!!!

We went to First Thai for their authentic Thai food and had these.

Phad Thai with Seafood

Prawn Cake
Tom Yum Goong

Fried Olive Rice

Then went to my favourite Ah Chew's Dessert house, for my all time love, Mango Sago with Pomelo.

Now... after eating all these food... I am going for my run. :o(
Till then... adios....