Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a Glimpse of my new love, darling Lucas

Am Back!!!

Hello there... after almost a year of hiatus, I am finally back. Hopefully I wont go hiatus for too long again.

I was away for the past 10 months as I was rather lazy to even sit in front of my PC, being preggy and slow and getting tired all the time. Though I was lucky that I had no morning sicness nor cravings, but I get tired very easily. May be its due to age thats making me so tired. Hehehe...yeah...have to admit I am getting old......

Now that my little darling Lucas was born, I have been busy nursing, and still manage to find the little time left to bake some brownies and cakes. Thanks to mommy dearest that she came here to help baby sit my darling Lucas thus I can spare that little time for my favourite pass time. But not for long as I just had a wrist surgery last Thurs (28.10.10) and doctor said it would take at least 6 weeks for full recovery. So in another words, yes... I am in the recuperating mode, though I am having the baking mode ON some how but I just have to be good to my newly repaired wrist for now. I was suffering this pain on my wrist since April and in May, I had a steroid injection (locally) due to my pregnancy and there wasnt much the doctor can do. 3 months later after baby Lucas was born, the pain came back and I endured the pain for another 2 months, with acupunture (total of 8 sessions from 2 different TCM) and a course of Arcoxia (anti-inflammatory drugs). No improvement, so after spoken to Jac my BFF, who suggested I see a Hand Wrist specialist, I went to google the surgeon and made appt to see him on Tues, which he suggested surgery as my last option. 2 days later all done at East Shore Hospital (day surgery).

Hmmm... having said that, I think my typing quota is up and its time to rest my wrist. Shall continue to write more as and when my time permits.

Till then.....