Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Than Blue - The Continuation

OMG... I didn't know that this movie has a continuation in an MV. Edward found it on youtube and forwarded the link to hubby, who then forward it to me knowing how crazy I get with the ending. I still can't get over the sadness (may be that explain why I've been getting headache or could be migraine for the past few days). I can't watch the MV with sound in the office, so my initial plan was to go home and watch with full blast of my speaker at home. But last night, hub hub was asking if I have watched it, but somehow, I just refused to watch the MV knowing the sadness is gonna start all over again. Yes, I can get very emotional with such movies, thats why I hate to watch movies with sad ending. I prefer watching comedy (but not slap stick comedy though), action pack with lots of martial art actions (yes, I love martial art, kung fu etc. I was from Tae Kwon-do for 5 years when I was in secondary school). Not so much of lovey dovey stuff... too drama mama and so not true. Such lovey lovey act hardly exist in real life and people tends to compare their partners with such characters in the movie. Not practical though...

Nevertheless, enjoy the clip here (for those of you who doesn't get broken heart so easily.. ) LOL