Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Superbrother's Super Short Trip - in a day

Superbrother arrived this morning but was scheduled to fly back tonight. Day trip for him. I thought I would not be able to meet him for his trip this time round, but GOD has been very kind to me, and somehow, Superbrother finished work earlier than expected and so I called Superhubby to pick him up from where he was and to drive him to hubby's office to wait for me to finish work and then, pick me up and we can go straight to the airport.

But somehow, when we reached the airport, his flight was delayed and we had 1.5 hours to spend at the airport. Since he wanted to check out Terminal 3, we took the shuttle bus to Terminal 2 and took the skytrain to Terminal 3. We walked and walked... and continue to walk.. but I was hungry and looking for a place where I can grab a bite or something.. continue to walk further... and saw these lobsters and oysters... yum yum..

Thats my Superhubby on my right (on your left) and Superbrother on my left (on your right). We were on our way up the escalator and my hand was too shaky for a clear pic... this is the best I could do... (I've always had shaky hand whenever I try to take pics... may be I ate too much chicken feet when I was young and I still love chicken feet...especially those boiled for a long time in soup.. Supermom used to tell me that eating too much chickent feet can cause shaky hands... not sure if its true... but I really have problem taking clear pics... not steady lei... ) LOL

The glimpse of the Changi GP Festival...but was very quite though..

Secretly taken... the back of the 2 men in my life... my Superbrother and Superhubby... and as the saying goes .. "Behind every successful man is a woman... " and in this case.. I was behind these 2 men.. wuahaha.. and there is also a saying "Picture says a thousand words" ... I was behind them taking this pic.. LOL.. what else are there to say... wuahahaha... *grin grin cheekily*

I have no idea what these are.. just find them weird looking.. didn't have the time to go thru the info panel at the side. Oh Oh.. something to do with Flora Inspiration.. wuahahaha..

I have no idea whats the name of this restaurant (as I do not read chinese) but looks so funny... as if people are dining in jail.. oooopssss...

I couldn't recall what restaurant is this, but I guessed its Crystal Jade. Quite a nice design, looks like a space ship to me.. LOL

We were rushing as we had only 30 mins to order, for the food to be served and to rush back to budget terminal by taking a skytrain back to terminal 2 and take the free shuttle bus to budget terminal. So we decided to just hop into this Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe...

We ordered "siu mai", "har kau", "mua chi", and I love this French Toast with butter and honey... the yummiest so far... and I didn't expect the toast to come out so thick... but it tasted crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.. just love this texture...

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the time spent, though it was a very short one.. Superbrother is now home in Kulim with Supermom... and its time for Supersister me, to go to bed. *yawn yawn*.. Good Night...

Edmund & Serene's little Treia Tan LeAnn

Baby Treia was born on the 01.08.09. We missed her full month party and finally visited her last night but she was sound asleep, sweetly asleep. The four of us, were yacking away and she wasn't awaken at all by our loudness. Cool baby... LOL.. We can see that both Edmund and Serene have so much patience with this little one.. doing nothing and just watching her sleep.. is enough to make them smile... How I envy... Anyway, here are some pics of her, sound asleep. (check out her cheeks... rosy cheeks.. hmmm.. I so want to munch her cheeks... aikkksss... ) LOL

Anyway, we will definitely have to pay her a visit again... soon... perhaps in the noon time, when she isn't sleeping so much... (according to Serene, she sleeps less in the day time). I would love to hold her in my arms.. (and munch her cheeks.. wuahahaha... scary aunty Lanny....). Till then...

While I was on the way to their block, at the carpark, the strap of my sandal broke and I was limping, slowly till I reached the stairs.. .and thats it... I took off that stupid sandal and just walked bare footed, or else I might just tumbled down the stairs like a ball... LOL