Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kite Flying

Yay.... finally we've got our kite. First, hubby bought his kite, made of parachute material, and he paid SGD95.00 including the wheel of string. Initially we only bought one and there is only one of us who can fly the kite at a time and the other would only get to watch. Then, I decided, I wanted my own kite and bought a koi fish shaped kite. Its kinda long and huge, but somehow, it was quite difficult to get it fly high. May be due to my lack of skills, and not catching the wind at the right time, my koi fish refuse to go high up the sky. Then, we went again this late noon, and I decided to change the koi fish to a lizard. Wuaahaha...

This is my lizard kite, and why lizard of all shapes? Cos its uncommon. I do not want to fly a kite which when up in the sky, I can't tell which is mine. Too many kites!!!

The usual place was too crowded and Superhubby's kite got entangled with other kites many a times, so we decided to try our luck at an open field just right next to our block. Luck was on our side and the wind was good enough to get his kite high high up above the sky. Parachute material kites are easier to fly comparing to the normal ones, which is the one I bought. Though I paid $20 for the koi fish but changed it to the lizard which is only $15, but I kept changing and the owner was kind enough to let me do so without complaining. So no refund then.

Here is a shot of SuperHubby trying to keep his kite. Location: An open field next to our block.

Saw this amazingly long kite last weekend. I counted, around 200 little kites along the string. I am gonna make one for myself when I have the time. Its not difficult to do it but need lots of time though.
So long that they need few pairs of hands to help keeping the kites...Hahaha...
Slowly pulling in one by one and keeping them in a box, one by one too... so they will not get tangle up...

It wasn't a Missing In Action

Welcome back to the long awaited for updated blog. I have not been blogging for the past week as it was a crazy week for me, and for all of us. Be it at work or family matters.

First, hubby's grandma passed away on Monday and I had to be at the wake every night, after work. It was like working OT or taking up extra job for the week. Running 2 places, one after another. As Friday was the funeral, Thurday night was the ritual night and lots of prayers, walking, kneeling, standing, and more LOUD prayers. I heard from cousins that on the 2nd night of the wake, policemen came 4 times for rounds due to complaints from the neighbours. Hahah.. what can they do anyway? But really, I hardly come across a wake with so much crowd, with beer and liquer drinkers, and gambling, be it pokercards or mahjong. At one point of time, I wonder, is this a wake or a party of a gathering... ?? Some said, its a celebration of death who somehow, stops suffering. So we should not be sad but celebrate.

Hmmm.. I can't seems to do that. I still remember, when SuperPapa passed away 5 years ago, I was devastated that I thought its the end of my world. I lost the man that I loved the most in my life, and what would I do without him? It has been 5 years, and at times, when I think of him, I still can't get over the fact that he had left us for good. Especially when I dreamt of him, I always woke up in tears, and wished I will not wake up from the dream so I can see him longer. I had so much to tell him, of how much I missed him and how much I loved him....tears will start rolling down my cheeks. Sigh.. thats life... people come and go in our lives, that is why, we must treasure them when they are still around, spend as much time as we can. And of cos, talk to them, as they can't read our mind, and how much does it cost to speak our hearts out? Nothing.. so speak before its too late.

Secondly, as our new office will be having an official launch on Tues 13.10, there are so much to do. OMG... taxing week and I just can't wait to get this done and over with. But, 4 evenings, 13.10 (Tues), 15.10 (Thurs), 22.10 (Thurs) & 27.10 (Tues). Its gonna be a crazy month.