Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My latest creation

Brownies with Oreo Cheesecake

Here it is. My latest creation. Just can't wait to get it out of the fridge for some photo taking session for the main web. But for those who have not seen the main MOD web, here they are.

But I still feel that there are some rooms for improvement. Will try to get this near to perfection.

New Hair Color... Yipee...

Yes, as the title says it all. I just had my hair re-highlighted and colored on Saturday. Hubby was away in Macau for work from Friday to Sunday and usually its a family weekend thingie. But since he is away, I will take this time off to run my own errands.

The night before, on Friday, I was helping a client to baby sit the kids as the maid was away and they have friends who came in from UK and having to attend a dinner, the kids need to be looked after by an adult. Twin boys, 3 1/2 year-old Alexandre and Charles and big sister Anna, 8 years old. She is very well behave comparing to kids her age that I have came across. The twin boys are so CUTE. Love at 1st sight. They jumped all over me and I get to shower Alex as he was very playful and didn't want his daddy to shower him. And he drank his milk on my laps. Amazing, given that we only met for less than an hour and he is getting warmed up so quickly. Love these kids. Wish I can see them again very soon. They live near to TC, my cousin. So I could pop by to say hello if I happen to be around that area visiting TC.

Then Sat morning, woke up at 9am as I have arranged for courier man to collect brownies and deliver to Mt.Alvernia hospital. Dr.Ranjit ordered the Chocolate Nougat Squares for his nurses as it was Nurses' Day 01.08.09. So sweet of him. Dr.Mendis and Dr.MK Li used to buy us flowers one each when I was working at Susan Lim.

Some how after that, I tried going back to sleep but I can't. Never mind. I called my hairstylist J to make an appointment for my hairdo. Went down to iCon at Suntec @ 12pm and by the time I was done, its almost 4pm. Had a good highlight and color. I will try to take some photos and upload it here. Otherwise, SORRY!! I am really bad with taking photos of myself. Haha... anyway, everyone loves my new hair color. Even my CCM loves the hair color so much that she has decided to see J today and get the same hair color done. Cool!!!

Right after the hairdo, I had to rushed down to Ion in Orchard. So wanted to see this new classy shopping mall. But damn, super crowded and I was meeting Sharon and her new beau, Leon. Can't seems to find her till almost 20 mins later, she found me. We were then trying to look for a nice place to sit and have coffee as I was dying for a cold drink. Thirsty!!! .. After some cafe hunting in Ion, then we realised that a lot of shops are not open yet. So we decided to land our butts in Canele at Shaw Centre. Had some dessert and ice water!!!! Finally....

I also came to realised that my feet hurts like SHIT.. cos of 2 bloody broken blisters on my left foot and some new ones on my right (unbroken). It wasn't a high heel I was wearing. Just covered flat shoes. Damn.. I hate covered shoes, as I am a BIG footer.. I need open shoes, slippers, sandals etc. more airy too... so we went to Far East Plaza... start my sandals hunting.. finally found a pair of silver thongs at D&G... an immediate relieved. Sharon ended up with a new pair of shoes too, cos she was on high heels all the way. Guess she can withstand the temptation to get a new pair too... white ones. Nice.. and so coincidently I have a $5 voucher and can't be used for the pair I bought. So I gave it to her and she was glad in a way. Save $5 okie???Haha...Glad to be of help for the hunting that she has gone with me instead of going "pak toh'' with her new beau. As I will only meet Jac at 8:30pm, so I joined Sharon and Leon for their dinner at one of the halal food stall at Far East Plaza (yeah.. still there)... but Jac called later and said she could meet me earlier. So I had a quick drink of ice barley and *woooooosh.. gone to Paragon to meet my dear Jac, but we end up at Lucky Plaza's food court as Paragon was too damn crowded and after which we went back to Paragon for a dessert (again...) at PS Cafe. We shared some brownies and cherries cheesecake. :X (sour) and my chocolate milkshake with vanilla ice cream was too sweet!!! Whats up man... Anyway I couldn't finish the brownies and cheesecake, so we "doggy-bagged" to Jac's place at Richmond Park and enjoy the night breeze at the pool. I was getting thirsty again and went up to her place for a nice cold COKE. Hehe...

Went home at about 11:30pm. Luckily I managed to hop onto a cab before the midnight surcharge starts rolling. Haha...Nevertheless, it was a fruitful Saturday time spent with my beloved friends and getting my hair done. Its been a lonnnnnnnnng time since I fully utilise my Saturday.


Again, its been a long time since I last pen down a blog... too lazy? No time? No idea what to write? Too much excuses.. but I will try to write more often. But then again, I ain't a celeb where thousands and millions of people would read their blogs. But I ain't nobody. Sometimes I really wonder who would read my blog? Me, myself and Lanny! Hahaha...

Now, I am so hungry but I have to wait for my colleague to come back from her lunch so I can go for mine. But she just left like 5 mins ago... so I will have to endure my hunger for the next hour or so. Will be going lunch with clients, to Muthu's Curry in Suntec. (I work in Suntec btw!)

I can't wait to go home as I have my new recipe in the fridge now. Will take some pics and upload it on my MOD website. :

Damn, thinking about the "New Recipe"... makes my stomach growling for food... FOOD!!! Well, hope all turns out well and I can have it up and running soon.

Crossing my fingers