Monday, November 9, 2009

Healthy for the day

I've always known that to stay healthy is to eat healthy meals and exercise regularly. But as the saying goes, its easier said than done. But I m trying super duper hard to keep to this regime... though its hard, but at least I tried.

I try to go for cereal with milk for breakfast instead of fried bee hoon or koey teow. Of cos I can't take this everyday too! I will get sick of it and will not eat it for a long time to come. So before this happens, I will still indulge in sinful breakfast from time to time. Sigh, I can't resist the temptation of Sins. ( I meant sinful food... *cheeky grins).

Every morning I arrive at work by 8am, so taking my healthy breakfast with a copy of Today papers to read, is also a kind of indulgence, a peaceful morning to myself and catching up with the latest news or gossips. Hehe..
Superhubby requested that I make chawanmushi for dinner tonight and being more than happy to do so, I arrived home with all the ingredients chopped and sliced (happy with the fact that not having to do the preparation after a tired day at work) and all I need is to prepare the mixture for the steam eggs.
Superhubby prepared the salad, from scratch... all I need to do... is to mix the dressing for the caesar salad. (it seems like I'm needed most in mixing of things. Haha... what a task!)
How can a caesar salad taste good without croutons??? I love this croutons... they taste great with my salad.

This is what I called, the way to a healthy life, with healthy eating. Unfortunately, I get bored of eating these all the time. So I will only eat this may be 3 times a week for dinner, skipping my carbo certain days in the week. But no total cut down on my rice though. I love rice too much to cut it off totally, I believe in eating everything in moderate portion and everything will be fine. Again, its easier said than done!!! *more cheeky grins

My New Coach Wrislet

Huan Bin went to SFO last month and I got him to help me buy the Coach's latest wristlet, the Poppy Signature. I wanted the platinum color but they were all sold out there. The gold one looks as good too and I am finally down sizing my wallet, to a wrislet. Tired of carrying my huge Gucci wallet which Superhubby got for me for my birthday 2 years ago. Though I love that wallet, but its just too huge for me, (given that I carry lots of stuff in my bag, loaded with such a heavy and big long wallet, it gets even heavier than usual. Anyway, its definitely cheaper getting it straight from the US.

I am so loving it!

Saturday Walk by the Park

Our typical Saturday routine is to visit grandpa and together with da-gu (sometimes her sons Emmanuel & Samuel would join us) will have dinner at Geylang Bahru, where grandpa lives. We noticed the place has changed so much as we walked along the river near Bendemeer.

Yes, all cyclist... please slow down... if not you would fall off just like the this one. Aiks.. so unglam lar..
This is the Water Wheel. It works as an exercise equipment too.
While this one is a Archimedes Screw...
These are the new HDB flats at Bendemeer Road. Just right next to the river. I particularly like the turqoise color for the certain part of the structure. It gives the whole exterior a modern look.

Agar Agar

I made this agar agar with gula melaka and halve the portion, added with evaporated milk. Yum Yum...

Missing In Action???

No... I have not been Missing In Actions though... just that I have been very busy lately, both at work and after work (busy watching Cantonese drama on DVDs). Hence, by the time I got home, too tired to on the computer to update my blog. Have got some pictures to upload tonight then will write more. So in the meantime, thank you for your patience and do come back for more juicy updates.