Sunday, August 9, 2009

Singapore Idol

Am watching Singapore Idol 3 now. The audition part is always the most hilarious part. There is this fat lady who claims to be the Asia Avil Lavigne. MY GOSH!!! The double version I guess. haha... I m not being mean (or may be I am.. yeah I am... ) but seriously, I have to give them my salute for having such guts to actually perform on national tv!

After the Singapore Idol 2, I thought there will not be anymore Singapore Idol 3 and so on. Season 2 was quite disappointing and seems like the real singing talents have gone to hide somewhere on this tiny little island called Singapore.

I have just made a big pot of dessert. White Fungus with Dried Longan and Red Dates. I miss mom's version. Still the best and I am gonna get her to do her version for me when I am home this month end. For now, I can only enjoy what I have from my kitchen.