Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hygiene is in the eye of the Beholder...

One lunchtime I watched the woman in the sandwich shop spreading mayonnaise on my bread, and noticed part of her grubby work shirt was dragging across it.

"Excuse me," I ventured, "you sleeve is in the mayo."

"No problem," she reassured me. "I need to wash it anyway."

Create Sentence

Girl from Tibet, went to Shanghai for an interview. To test her English, China boss ask her to create sentences with: Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue , White, Purple and Black.

She answered: "I hear phone GREEN GREEN, , I go and PINK up the phone, and I say YELLOW, BLUES that? WHITE did you say? Oh, wrong number, don't PURPLEly disturb and don't call BLACK, ok?

Boss say: "You can go BLACK now and wait for phone GREEN GREEN."