Monday, November 15, 2010

Sharon's Birthday Dinner & Brownies

12th Nov marked Sharon's birthday. This year I thought of a surprise celebration for her. She was supposed to be on leave that day but Leon, her fiance, called to inform me that her leave was cancelled. Btw, I managed to get some help from Leon to transport Sharon over for the surprise dinner at my humble home.

He picked her up after work,blind folded as she was not suppose to know where he will be driving her to, while we (mom and myself) were busy preparing dinner at home. To cut things short, here are some pictures of the night to remmember by.

We hope she enjoyed her surprised birthday celebration.

Sharon blowing her candle on the birthday brownie. Yeah, I guessed this must be her 1st time blowing candle on brownie instead of a cake. Hehehe...

Mom's specialty - Hainanese Chicken Chop

My homemade mushroom soup

My homemade mashed potato (recipe is available at the end of this post)

Caesar Salad with my homemade caesar dressing and homemade croutons

Mom's special sauce for the chops

The best part of all, my Triple Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Coated Honey Comb Biscuits and Chocolate Ganache topping. What else can you ask for with such ending....

Here are the simple recipes for:

Homemade Mashed Potato

Ingredients (serving - 5)

4 large potatoes
2 tbsp of butter
3 tbsp of condensed milk (optional - omit this if you prefer it salty. This is for the sweet version)
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper


1. Peel off potatoes skin and steamed for 30 mins
2. Mash potatoes
3. Add all ingredients and continue to mash
4. Best serve warm

Homemade Croutons


2 slices of bread or baguette ( cut into small pieces)
extra virgin olive oil
dried herbs (optional)


1. Prepare aluminium foil on a flat pan
2. Scatter the bread pieces on the prepared pan
3. Pour extra virgin olive oil evenly over the bread
4. Spread herbs over and mix well
5. Toast in a preheated oven of 170C for 15 mins
6. Once cooled, pour over ready prepared salad as topping