Thursday, October 22, 2009

a Haircut and more foodies with Sharon

Yesterday, I went for my hair cut. After contemplating whether to keep my hair long again or should I just cut it short? Finally, with such freaking hot weather, I can't take it anymore. Thats it!!! CUT CUT CUT!!!!

I made an appt on Monday noon for Wed @ 730pm with Vince. Sharon text me on Monday evening asking me if I want to have a haircut on Wed as she has made her appt. You see, I did not mention anything to her about getting a haircut and the last time we went there together was in April. I recommended Vince to her as he is my favourite hairstylist. Funny chap. And he is really good.

What a coincidence. So immediately I called Sharon and told her that I have made my appt same day too, but at a later timing as I will not be able to make it for the earlier slot.

Anyway, I was damn "suay" yesterday. I walked to the usual pick up point for the Suntec free shuttle service to City Hall, now knowing that they had moved their pick up point to where I came from. So I walked back to where I started, saw the bus and I was afraid the bus would leave me behind, I ran. Then I took the train from City Hall to Raffles Place as I only know how to get to Xtrimhair Salon (located at Boat Quay) from RP. I thought, since I need to draw some cash from DBS atm machine, the nearest I could think of, are the ones at Chevron House. Slot my atm card in, then suddenly, the screen turned white and read "This machine is temporarily not available".. Fine!!! I waited and waited.. my card didn't appear... I pressed "Cancel" button... doesn't work.. I stood for 5 minutes, hoping for miracle to happen.. NO... Nothing!!! SHIT... but cool down, I called the Customer Service hotline provided at the machine and I had no choice but to go to any DBS branch to get a new card as replacement. But hell, it was almost 730pm. Banks were all closed. I decided to proceed to Xtrimhair and only had the card replaced today at the branch in Suntec.

I didn't manage to get a pic of my new haircut.. I was too hungry to even think of taking pics of my new head... so Sharon and me went to this Sundanese restaurant for dinner and it was quite a good deal. They were having a promotion at $10++ per pax for 4 dishes, with 1 main and 3 sides. These were what we had. Not bad.

We started off with barley and lime juice.. rather refreshing
They served their chilies on this stone. Quite interesting but I never taste the chili as I am not a chili person and I never like sauces to spoil the original taste of my food. I like my food as it is.
Left: Ayam Bumbu (tasted like curry chicken to me, only made from different type of spices)
Right: Tauhu Telor (Egg toufu)
Udang Nanas (Pineapple prawns)
Beef Rendang
Sambal Terung (Sambal Eggplant/Brinjals)

Petai Beans (ooooh.. I love this ... my all time favourite dish.. they served this raw, yum yum)
Deep fried dory fillet