Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dinner with Ah Gong

As usual, Saturday dinner with grandpa, da-gu and us.

We wanted to go back this Thai restaurant at Blk 57, Geylang Bahru but somehow we realised that another zhi char stall had taken over this restaurant. Since we were already there and grandpa insisted the food to be cheap and good, we thought no harm giving it a try. Btw, grandpa have not eaten there besfore. He heard from someone that the food there was nice. Hahaha.. old ppl.

Not bad but not that cheap either.

The tauke-neo insisted we try their new dish called Braised Pork Ribs... which we did and it came with a plate of 5 little man tous (fried bun). Not bad as the sweet bun goes well with the sauce but I used them to dip the curry from the curry fish head instead. (see below)

Superhubby and da-gu loved their "chut chut".. a type of shell seafood that requires some skill of sucking the flesh out from these shells. Yikes... I wasn't that interested with such art of eating seafood, though I tried but I don't really like it. Haha.. not in the restaurant.

But I love this nonya style curry fish head. One of the best curry fish head I had even eaten. The fish was not fishy.. and the curry.. very unique... we ate everything...(except the bones of course).. but the sauce.. dry dry lor... Hahahhaa... Yummilicous.

Hairloom & Caramel

On Friday for lunch, finally... I managed to catch a real meal at Hairloom & Caramel. Been wanting to go there for dessert for the longest time since the place was newly opened, but never get the chance to. They closed at 8pm from Monday to Thurs and 1pm on weekend.

I went with the other 3 musketeers, "darling", MT & WL. We ordered Ice Lemongrass tea with Honey to kick start with, while waiting for our main courses. Weather was so damn HOT out there and these iced teas helped.

Do not underestimate this little cup of plant. We had lots of fun and laughther "playing" with it and I almost accidently brought it back to the office in my little pink lunch bag. Hmmmmffff.. don't know who was the culprit... everyone was a suspect.. except me!!!

"Darling" ordered the Smoked Salmon spagetti with lemon cream sauce... I almost wanted to order this dish as I love cream sauce base but when I thought of the lemon thingie.. I changed my mind as I am not someone who would like to taste lemon in my food.. though I love lemon juice as a drink. Food? Not to my palate... but surprisingly this tasted good... may be because the lemon is needed to get rid of the fishy taste of the smoked salmon. Goes well with one another. A very good combination. I shall try this dish if I were to go there again.
MT had the chicken spagetti with Japanese sesame sauce. She was trying to have this dish translated into a full mandarin sentence and we were laughing at the way she read it. So funny.. I wanted to order this earlier too. But the thought of japanese sesame, not sure if I will take the taste of sesame.. what if its too strong? what if it taste weird? I always seems to order the wrong food... so I decided.. better be safe. Order something safe... something that I know how it would taste like.. Hahhaa... I so can't take risk with my food. I want to try everything, but end up always eating the same old dish or the safest of all.
Anyway, I tried a bit of the sauce when it arrived and love this too. WL ordered the same dish. I will have to come back twice to this place in order to try both dishes I mentioned.

This is my play safe order. Today's Special. Shitake Mushroom and Bacon spagetti in tomato sauce. Hahaha.. told ya its a very safe choice. Not bad though. I have always love mushroom... anything made of mushroom... I just love them. This explain why I ordered this dish. The moment I saw the word "mushroom"... no hesitation. Plus with my doubts on other dishes...not much choices too.
I also love the little heart shape on the plate. Cute...

So good.. that I walloped everything from the plate and found a little bear underneath those noodles. hahaha....
I didn't try the dessert as I was quite full already by then and the dessert doesn't look as appertising as their pics on the website. Hmmm.. I gave it amissed this time.. may be next time I might try the chocolate caramel...or creme brulee... yum yum...