Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wanna try the army ration?

I've always been curious with hubby whenever he mentioned about the army ration. The food being packed in a green plastic bag (didn't manage to take a pic of it)... But he manage to sneak back a packet and let me have a taste of them. Conclusion... Yikey... !!!

Here are some snaps of the food

Chicken Noodles with Mushroom - too salty to taste
Chicken with water chestnut dumpling - taste muddy, so I have to try with my Lingham's Chili Sauce to cover that muddy taste.. hahaha
Dessert - Sweet potato with barley soup, this is the nicer bunch

What a Night Out....

Sounds like a complicated outing arrangement to begin with. The day before, David asked us (Hida, Adel and me) to his place for a champagne party. We were quite hesitant to unless its else where like clubs or pubs. Still trying to find excuses not to go. Anyway, my buddy Steven, sent me a message on Facebook for an invitation to Rock Out @ Harry's - Time Out's Ultimate Happy Hour Series at Chijmes @ 6:30pm. I wanted to just pop by for a "Hi & Bye" and leave for home sweet home. But somehow, David kept asking us about the night out and we can't seems to give him a confirmation on whether to go or not to go. So finally I told him I am meeting my friends at Harry's and he said, "OK... we all go there... ".. SHIT!!!! Anyway, whatever... I could do a 'One Stone kills Two birds" you know... hahaha..

Now, Hida as usual, needs to go home first to get shower and change for the night out, (she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, yes!!! No joke... long story to tell ...just cut it short... OCD.. period).. and Adel has to pick up her car and while having to wait for them till 8pm ( I do not have OCD, hence I ain't going home to get change and come out again, which I will end up not leaving the house if I go home.. .hahaha.... ).. I went to have my hair treatment done and went to the Brides and Beauty fair at the convention centre to say hello to one of my client's wife who has a booth there. Did the "Hi & Bye" (and small chat)..then took a slow walk to Chijmes. I called Sharon and she was with Leon (her new beau)... and asked if they wanted to join me there. We met at the entrance of Chijmes and went to Harry's. Bumped into Adel there, yeah she arrived at the same time as I did, but I went in first to look for Steven. Found Steven but he was with his gf and friends. I didn't stay long with the group. Had a beer and left to join the rest at Bobby's.

At the table, were Adel, Prasanth, OMO and David. Hida, as usual, was late. But when she arrived, she drank like a fish. Hahaha.. I didn't drink much. Remember the house beer I had from Harry's? Yeah. At Bobby's, I only had half pint of Kilkenny. Thats It!!! That was all for the night for me. But as for the rest of the guys, the drinks were uncountable. I lost track of who drank what. Too many a drink they had. And Adel had the closest bet of the number of the total bill... so she won $4 from David. Hahaha... Then we went to Insomnia and the rest were crazy dancing and drinking. Bumped into Dennis and his son. They continue to order more drinks. NO more for me though. I know when to say NO.. and NO means NO!! I was left alone for a moment. The rest went to the dance floor and the live band was okie. Not bad but not that fantastic either. May be bcos I am not a live band person. Never like live band. I find them too noisy and can't hear a word they sing and all I heard was lots of screaming. Irritates me!! hahaha..

We left at about 11:45pm, and as hubby was leaving the camp, he came to pick me and Hida up.

Here are some photos of the night.

Nice view of the church at Chijmes when we were leaving for the night

Smokey Adel

Hida and her usual, Bird Mouth

Prasanth and his cock eye

Singapore's version of Charlie's angels?

...or Singapore's version of 3 musketeers????

... No No.. this is not what you thought it is... just so happened from that angle

Guess who's fingers???

Cock eye buddies

I told him... no cock eye with me... haha.. and he behaved...

Leaving with pose

More poses

Now... waiting for hubby..... nothing to do... we found something to do with the time to kill
again.. its not what you are thinking...

Nothing else to take.. hmm.. can try the toes... nice???

I wish my "yo-darling" was there... but someone has turned into a volunteered permanent driver (for lifetime). So there's no way he can come out to join any outing. Too Bad!! Wuahahaha!!!