Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Homemade Apple Tart

I made these within the time frame of only 3o mins, from scratch. Its really easy. I show you how.

Cut the salted butter into small pieces. Do NOT melt the butter or else the dough will turn out to be very oily.
Add plain flour to the butter.
Add half an egg to the dough mixture. The tart base would turn out to be perfect but I didn't want to waste the other half of the egg, hence I used the whole egg but the dough will be just a little bit harder than the latter.
Now you can mix the dough mixture with fingers (please make sure your hands are super clean :oP). For this step, you have to use the fingers in order to get the dough properly mixed as the butter can be clumpy so you will need to have the feel with those fingers. Work it on. No mess No fun. Its quick and easy too.
The dough is ready to get into the tart foil.
I do not have the foil hence I used my muffins cup/tin and lined with muffins paper cups. Pressed the dough on but make sure the texture's not too thick, or else they will be hard to cook and the tart would be hard to eat.
I didn't have the time to make apple sauce for the filling, so I bought a canned version from Carrefour.
Fill up these tarts with the apple filling. Do not over fill them, you need to get the tart cooked all over.
Use the remaining dough to form nice patterns on top. Be creative and design the dough.
Bake in the preheated oven at 180 degress celcius for 15 mins.
Ready to eat yet simple to make apple tart. Enjoy!!!

Lanny's home cooked instant noodles and Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup

I get pretty sick of eating out too often, that at times I just thought of whipping up a simple meal at home. Though it can be just instant noodles, but I will always add in lots of ingredients that they tasted much much better than just instant noodles on its own. Hehe... *needless to say right?*

I love the cheese sotong ball from Seawaves. Their sotong balls are particularly bouncy and contains lots of little cheesey balls in them. Good on its own, heat it up in oven and dipped in sweet chili sauce, or dump them into soups. But I don't really fancy deep fried food (except KFC), hence I never deep fried food at home. Neither will the sotong balls. I also added broccoli, shitake mushrooms (remember I love mushrooms and I will always add mushrooms in almost anything possible), and last but not least, lighty beaten eggs to add the umph!!!

Bon Apetit!

Whenever Superhubby stops by Esso petrol kiosk, without fail I will step into the FairPrice Express. This time, I got tempted to try out Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup. Turtle soup for ice cream??? hahhaa... don't be fooled. Its called Turtle Soup but not made of turtle though. ( I do NOT eat turtle nor turtle soup). It says, "Vanilla Ice Cream with Fudge and Chocolate Caramel Cashews and a Caramel Swirl". Seriously, I have no idea how that name came from but who cares? They tasted... hmm... so so... not my cup of tea. I still love Macadamia Brittle best!!!!

Check out this chocolate coated caramel cashews. Cute right? Yeah, they taste great!

Banana and Mango cake... God knows where its from?

Veronica bought this for me when I called her to collect her cheq from the office. It looked so good that I didn't want to eat them all by myself but I brought it back to my MIL's place to share with her after dinner. She loves it too... and I wonder where did Veronica got it from. The box that packed this heavenly cake didn't state address nor contact number. Weird.. and I have forgotten whats the name too! But not a big problem.. I can always call on her to ask her where she got this yummies from....