Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday 31.08.09

Its Malaysia's National Day or Merdeka. But not so national after all... nah.. I ain't patriotic at all. Not my forte.

But as its a public holiday, we get to enjoy each other's company again before I fly off that night. We went to this beach call Pantai Bersih (translated as Clean Beach)... but it ain't clean at all. Hahaha.. it was never clean to start with and it seems to have gotten worse along the years. I have not been there for more than 10 years and didn't know that people have actually set up coffee shops and sell seafood.

We went to one for lunch and these were what we had.

Hot plate toufu

Stir fried kangkung (non spicy) and fried "long-lived" noodles

Steamed flower crab with eggs

Steamed fish (don't ask me what fish as I hardly know types of fishes... so long as they are fresh and doesn't taste fishy... I eat them all... LOL)

Stir fried flower crab with bean paste

A view of the beach... this cemented foyer was never there when we were kids and when the beach was still a place for the Butterworth-ians.

I miss the char koey teow from my secondary school. But as it was a holiday, the canteen was closed. But we were just around the corner so brother drove us there, just trying our luck to see if we can enter the school and just for memory sake.. paying a visit.. not to the teachers but to the school. LOL... we can't enter as there was a guard there. Not wanting to be accused for trespassing, we decided to leave.

Here are some pics of my fav baby... little Rou Ching...

Love her curly hair....

Cloudy Sunday 30.08.09

At 7:15am, mom woke us up for an early jog. Damn.. thats so damn early lor. But not wanting to disappoint her, (as we can see all she wanted was for us to spend the morning with her). Hence, we had no choice but to get our lazy butt out of bed and start washing up, changed into our running gear and drove to Mengkuang Dam for a jog. But it was a good time spent there. With fresh morning breeze, what more can we ask for. But as I have never run in such an early morning, I had problem getting my sleepy feet to run. My body kept telling my legs, Run Run Run... but they just didn't seems to have woken up yet. Still sleeping and can't move as fast as I usually did in my evening run. Damn.. never mind. I walked instead. Still, I was breathing in some fresh air. Can't complain further. I didn't had my mobile with me, hence no pics of the dam.

On our way home, we had wanton mee for breakfast but wasn't fanfastic though. Tasted so so but still, better than the one sold here, if you don't want chili, they splash ketchup into the bowl. Damn, taste weird. But I do know of a place in Spore that serves really good wanton mee, where I previously lived. Its located at a coffee shop along Serangoon North Ave 4, opposite Rosyth Primary School. They have the best wanton mee in Spore so far, to my taste. Individual taste bud. But I am happy with this one.

In the late morning, we went to buy my late father's fav (and mine too!) Bak Kut Teh. Bought some to pay respect to him. After which we went back to the coffee shop to enjoy my share of Bak Kut Teh. Damn nice... too nice that I just wallop everything before I could think of taking any pic of it. Hahahaha... (may be next time :D)

On our way home, it was pouring heavily. You can see from the pics below, really dark clouds.

We dropped by a clinic to buy some cream for my eczema, but the clinic would not open till 2:30pm and we arrived at 2pm (we thought they re-open after lunch at 2pm). As it was raining very heavily, brother decided to just wait outside the clinic instead of getting into the car again as he doesn't want the car to get wet when he opens the door. He used the table next door (from a coffee shop which only opens at night), flip it side way and use it to cover him from the rain. Haha... (see below)...... pls pardon me as my mobile 's camera was not able to focus.
Eventually we didn't get to buy the cream as according to the nurse, we have to wait till 3pm as the doc's signature is required to purchase the cream. Damn... we didn't wanna wait no more. So we left and went home to help mom with some spring cleaning of the house. But brother was furious with the cream issue, and drove there again after that. Took him 30 mins to drive there and another 30 mins to come back . Poor him. After all his efforts, the cream better works on me, or else... hmmmm....!!!!
For dinner, we went to Chai Leng Park's hawker centre, where you can find all the almost good food there. :D
I was hunting high and low for my Penang char koey teow as I have not had one yet since I came back on Tues night. Its a must have whenever I come back home. Unfortunately, both stalls were not there, might be due to the heavy rain, they deciced to stay home. Hahhaa... But I settled for a stall that sells economic fried bee hoon, noodles and koay teow. Just so happened when I walked past the stall, I saw an old man just finished frying a big "bunch" of koay teow, so I asked him if he could fry just a plate for me, which all he did was to add an egg to it. No prawn No cockles. Sigh... when you are in a desperate mode, in hokkien, we say "No fish, prawns also can lar".. LOL.. Not bad though.
And my fav "yin yong"... its a mixture of fried bee hoon and hor fun with egg. Wooohooo... Yum Yum...

So much good food.. but so little time to enjoy them. I am missing my "you tiao" and "butterfly" from Raja Uda. :o(