Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jello Jello

Superhubby is a weird man. Everyone thinks he is one lucky man who gets to try all the delicious bakings I bake almost every weekend. But the thing here is, he doesn't eat them, not that they are not delicious ( they are damn yummilicious lor... at least everyone who have tried my bakings said so.. )... but its just that he is not a dessert person and doesn't appreciate dessert like cakes, pastries, brownies, muffins, nothing sweet... not even bread. He is more of a savoury person. But the weird thing I realised yesterday, is that he actually love Jelly (jello). Yikes... not me though. Too much coloring, flavouring... I prefer things in original color and flavour, and I dislike using colors in my bakings. Too much chemicals, makes me feel yucky in my cookings and bakings. So as much as I can, I avoid using artificial flavouring (except vanilla essensce, can't avoid that in bakings, but other fruity flavour, I rather use the real fruit or fruit juice to reach end result)and colourings.

But these jellos are very simple to make. Instructions are on the box and you can get these in major supermarkets like NTUC, Cold Storage, Carrefour, Market Place etc.

Red one is of strawberry flavour and Yellow is of Pineapple flavour.

10 faces' dice??

Has anyone ever seen a 10 faces dice? Commonly, dice has 6 faces. But 10? Well, finally I've seen one today. Wee Leong the "Hairy Teo" has one and he has been keeping it in his bag all these years (thats what he said... but ain't sure what does it signify to carry one? Good Luck, he refuse to admit nor did he deny it.... hmmm.. mysterious man he is)

Well, here are some snaps I took today for you to see. At least virtually.

"Yo-Darling" is BACK!!!

"yo-darling" is finally back from his holiday trip to Beijing with his lovely wife and kids. And he came back with this box of Marron Chocolate for us (sounds like Moron Chocolate, eat liao can become morons... !!! LOL)

Tried one immediately and not bad... at least not too sweet... Will keep some for Kim who is away in KL now.

Thanks darling!!!