Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sour Cream Chocolate Chips pound Cake

Trying out my new recipe... and this time, I use pics and they say a thousand words.

Whipping up butter and sugar, portion by portion. Then add in the eggs one by one.

Adding the vanilla essence...

Then the mixture of flour, baking soda & salt and sour cream...

Almost done..

Adding the final part, lots and lots of chocolate chips..

Ready to be baked in the oven... at 325F for 1hr 20mins..

Tahdahhhhh... Served while its still warm and smells ... NICE and buttery...

Check out the melted chocolate chips...


As I thought, since my fav group now is Bigbang, was just checking out youtube for their MV and guess what, I found my fav song, Lollipop featuring 2NE1, and I just love this MV, Lots of color and the girls are cute.

Well, Number 1 is my fav piece...

and this one too.. love the chorus!!

Da Pump

This group was famous back in the early 2000. I was doing my spring cleaning at home late last night, and bumped into this CD which I bought back then. Playing the CD now and am still in love with my fav tune from this album. Went to search for youtube and found this clip. Seeing them dance in this fast track, just makes me wanna dance too... hmm... may be I should take up hip hop dancing class.. can help to burn off those fats that has been accumulating everywhere around me. LOL

Anyway, just wanna share with those who love fast track but yet, nice to the ears. Enjoy... (pls do on the speaker to listen to the songs, cos if you just stare at them dancing in mute, they look really funny... )

Dinner and Ice Cream at U.D.D.E.R.S.

Dinner with Jac and Jennifer can never be more fun as we talked a lot of SHIT and we laughed it over dinner and continued our shitty jokes at U.D.D.E.R.S. for ice cream. (yes... with Jen's bf and my hubby with us). Dinner was at Forture Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Timah. Dishes were so good ... we polished off everything and forgotten to take some nice pics of the yummies to share here. I promise to do so the next time round. Food there have always been good and price is rather reasonable too. For those who wants some chill out, can hop over to BarBar located just next door and lots of ang mohs like to hang out there. I guess they must be living nearby as the row of shophouses are just within the vicinity of the housing estate.

Infact after dinner, we wanted to go for durian feast at Balestier, but somehow when we reached there, the stall was closed and it took us a while to decide where to go. Hubby being a smart ass, he knows we will never be able to decide where to go next for dessert. So his quick reaction, "okie.. since we are at Balestier, why not go to U.D.D.E.R.S." (located at Gold Hill Plaza right opposite Novena Square for that authentic durian ice cream. Its like eating cold durian, right out of freezer! Without hesitation, we all agreed and woooooshh.. we drove there within 5 mins.

I have always wanted Jac to try the durian ice cream U.D.D.E.R.S, as we are both durian lovers. But being me, I never like anything made of durian, despite that I love durian so so much that no words can explain that kinda love. LOL.. I can eat nothing else but durian for all my 3 meals. Yummy Yummy. But somehow, when Godfrey recommended me to U.D.D.E.R.S. (few months ago), I couldn't find any flavor that I like. Infact, I m a chocolate person, so usually I only go for chocolate flavor. Never really give the rest of the flavors a chance to prove that they can be better than chocolate. Haha.. but at that time I was there, I couldn'y decide, hence hubby went ahead and ordered , Mao Shan Wang durian flavor... I tried a little and Thats it!! I got hooked on that never tried others after that ice cream!

From clockwise: Mao Shan Wang durian (x3), Gila Melaka & Choco Java (very strong taste of whisky and damn bitter too!)... but the winner... is still the Mao Shan Wang... woohooo..!!! Love this and so far... this is the best durian ice cream I have ever tasted and everyone agreed that night. :D

After much more gossips and chat, S.E.O. (Jen's bf, Stanley's nickname) couldn't resist to get more ice cream. So he went off and came back with these.....Here are the flavors for the second batch.

From clockwise: (not sure what flavor but tasted like Nuttella), Rum & Raisin, Green Tea and Tiramisu. Not much to my flavor cos I don't like liquer flavored ice cream.

After ice-cream, we moved to Newton Circus for supper.. hahaha.. planned for some seafood like "gong-gong", "lar-lar" and "tsut-tsut"... but to our dismay, the hawker centre were closed for 3 days spring cleaning!!!!! Arghhhhh.. of all time of the year... that night?????? Damn suay lor... we went to Balestier for durian and the stall was closed.. and now Newton Circus???? WTF!!! *#^%*&E^%#$%

We resigned for the night and all left home feeling disappointed from not being able to complete our night with those seafood we were talking about over dessert. Nevertheless, the night was really fun.