Saturday, November 21, 2009

My new toy...

Finally... got my new toy... I have always wanted a kitchen mixture but never can decide one. From Kitchen Aid, to Kenwoods... then when I saw this at CK Tang this noon, it was a love at first sight. Got Superhubby to check it out at Courts later in the evening after our weekly swim, he likes it too, reason for him, small enough for the kicthen. The rest of the models are rather huge and we will have problem finding space to keep when not in use. You see, Superhubby is super clean freak. He doesn't like displaying too much items at home, which at the end would collect more dust for him to clean every end of the month. Hahaha.. but I love this model cos its very cute. Superhubby bought it for me as our 1st Wedding Anniversary is on this Sunday 22.11 (and advanced Xmas pressie too!) Eh.. at first I thought, very cheapo lei.. one gift for all occasions, but then again, I am happy just to have it cos I had been eyeing for one for a year. And its better than none. Contented already. Hehehe.. YAY!!!...

Brownies that doesn't taste like one

After my appt, as I was walking back to the RP mrt, I came across this stall that sells all brownies. I was taken aback by the attitude of the staff. I asked few questions about the texture of the brownies and she got agitated and she kept the brownies I asked to see before I decide which one to get and just ignored me. I wanted to just walk away, but I was very tempted to buy one and try them out of curiousity.

Tasted weird. The chocolate fudge topping was salty to taste. Didn't like it at all. The texture was rather dry and didn't taste of chocolate. Powdery and bland.

Conclusion: I will never buy again. Besides my own brownies, I still think Mrs.Fields brownies are of standard.