Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Best Wanton Mee in Singapore

After Jac's party, Superhubby drove to Serangoon North Ave 4 for our favourite wanton mee. So far, this is the best wanton mee we have ever tasted in the whole Singapore. The aunty is very nice and generous with her char siew meat. Unlike a lot of wanton mee stall, their char siew pork are usually sliced too thin and hard to chew. But this one, hmmmm... the meat are always tender and you can really taste the freshness of the meat when you chew.

Go try it to believe it. Its located at a coffee-shop near Rosyth primary school, at Serangoon North Ave 4. And its priced at only $2.80 a plate.

Triple Chocolate Brownies with Tim Tam cookies

20th Nov marked my BFF Jac's birthday. This year she celebrated her 30th birthday with a big bash of party. She booked a DJ and a bar, and invited 50 over guests. They were mostly her close friends and family members. It was a fun night. The party started on 19th evening, with dinner (we arrived slightly after 11pm), then drinks and lots of retro music and dancing. I have not been into such a loud environment for a very long time.. Hence, my ears were in pain after the party. Hahaha....

She requested that I bake her favourite brownies as her birthday cake on Saturday's celebration with her family where else her sister, Emlyn ordered a carrot cake and a cheesecake for the night. I am still recovering from my wrist surgery post-op, hence couldn't make enough brownies to feed such a big group of party goers. But the people seems to not taken her instructions in proper that they took out the brownies at the party nite itself and they even cut them to be served. Hahaha... there goes her Sat's brownies with her lovely family. Nevermind, they still had lots of fun. I can always make another for her when I have the time.

This brownie was specially made for her. She likes Tim Tam cookies hence I threw in 1 whole packet of Tim Tam cookies. And as I never do decoration on my brownies, here is hers. The icing tubes I bought, by Wilton, were hard to squeeze, especially with my weaken wrist, the wordings were just so-so. Hope she didn't mind.

The brownies were too big to be fitted into the box so I cut the sides and poured leftover ganache, and me and mom enjoyed these for ourselves. Yummyyy!!!!

This is the birthday girl, Jaclyn. She was giving a short thank you speech to all her guests.

We had lots of fun but me and Superhubby left early that night as I need to go home to pack my luggage for my home trip with mom and little Lucas.

I wonder if she will have another party like this when she celebrates her 40th birthday??? We shall see 10 years from now.