Friday, November 27, 2009

Trapped in a Rubik Cube

Laura Mercier's eau de parfum

Finally found this parfum after a search for 2 years. Previously can only get in the US. But when I was having lunch with Sharon (an ex-client), she said that I can now purchase it at Ngee Ann city, by True Colors. Damn, I walked passed that shop many a times but never knew they sell fragrances from Laura Mercier. I thought they only sell cosmetic products.

Anyway, its worth the search now that I found it.

Nobody - Cute Animation

Found this on youtube. Damn cute. The person who created this animation is a talent.

My advanced Xmas Pressie

Remember last week when I blogged a post about my 1st anniversary and advanced Xmas pressie ? Initially Superhubby told me that the kitchen mixer would be it. But somehow, on Monday, he sent me a message on MSN, saying that he has a surprise Xmas pressie for me. (GOSH!!!... This surprise shocked me even more cos I wasn't expecting any thing more, as I've not gotten him anything for the anniversary. I wasn't sure what to get him!! I am such a horrible wife. I know!!!! Aiksssss....)

Then when I came home, forever being an impatient person, I asked him what it was (so anti-climax isn't it?).. haha.. I can't help it. He said "You sure you want it now? Don't you want to wait till Xmas to open it?".. I hesitated and just leave it to Xmas. But when he left for BKK yesterday, he left the pressie on the bed. When I came home from work, I was surprised to see a nice Jo Malone paper bag on the bed. I knew what it was.

Prof Kum and gf Clara got this for Jac for her birthday pressie. She opened it and let us smelled the lotion, I loved it instantly. Superhubby knew then that I was going to buy this lotion, cos me, being a person who is very sensitive to smell and I love fresh fragrance toiletries, & perfume.... this would make the perfect gift, cos I was asking Clara where she got it from and she didn't seems to want to tell me where so I stop asking. I thought to myself, I will go google it online and I will know where to get it. But somehow, after I got home, I have totally forgotten about it. But little did I know that Superhubby knew whats on my mind and got it before I could remember it.

So, here it is...sorry guys.. can't share the fragrance with you as I can't upload it virtually. Hahaha...

Baby Nathanael Ng

Baby Nathanael was born on 19.11.2009. He is the bundle of joy for new parent, Andy and Jennifer Ng. Andy is Superhubby's first cousin.

Isn't this little angel Supercute? I can't get my eyes off him when we visited him on M0nday. So wanted to carry him.. but he is less than a week old. Too fragile to be carried by someone who have not been handling such little creature for a long long time. I used to help mom when I was young as she baby sitted babies from a month old till they are 3 to 4 years old. I grew up with kids around me, hence I have always love kids.
He seems to know whats happening around him. When we arrived, he was kicking a big fuss... crying non stop till new daddy Andy was holding him and walking around not knowing what to do while new mommy Jennifer warmed up the bottle of breast milk for him. Cranky little boy. But he is so adorable, you will just ignore the crankiness and continue to admire his cutieness. After some effort of getting him to drink the milk, which he did eventually, (hey.. he drinks a lot man... ).. then he started to open his eyes, one and then the other.. then forced open both to see who is uncle Norman and auntie Lanny.
Then, he blinked at me.. How cute right? I am loving this boy already.