Sunday, August 30, 2009

Comfort Food and Outing

Everyone has his or her own comfort food. My comfort food would be anything cooked by mom. I miss her cooking when I am away from home. Sometimes when the feeling is too strong, I will cook myself but no matter how good they taste, they will never feel as good as from mom's kitchen.

This pic of mom's fried noodle, which I have not tasted for more than 10 years. The night before my brother's birthday, his colleagues treated him an asumptious Japanese buffet. So it was just me and mom, and she cooked this fried noodles for the both of us. Suddenly it brought me back those childhood memories where we ate only simple food and yet we enjoyed every bits of it.

This is what we call "Birthday Mee Sua". Its a must to have for birthdays when we were young, but after I came to Singapore, I have not tasted this for 13 years. But finally, bcos of my brother's birthday, I get to eat this for breakfast. Such a contentment. Mine is without the eggs as only birthday boy get the eggs (plus mom think I am fat enough and do not need the egg)..hahaha..

At noon time, we went to Queensbay shopping mall in Penang. Finally, I stepped out of the house since my arrival on Tues night. LOL.. but I am more than happy to stay home with mom anyway. Bonding time.
By the time we arrived, it was in between lunch and dinner, neither here nor there. As Kin Kin were too hungry (he didn't had anything for the day yet), hence we ended up eating our dinner at about 430pm, started with Dim Sum at Dragon-i. Too eager with the food that neither of us took any pic of the food. They were just so-so anyway. Then we proceed to Swensen for ice-cream, yummy yummy!!!

Mummy dearest were too engrossed with her Vanilla Ice-Cream with Banana and Butterscotch, specially ordered for her by me, of cos. I wanted her to share my Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice-Cream with me as mine was too big a portion, but she doesn't like chocolate, so I created one of vanilla version for her (yes, vanilla is her fav).

This is Kin-Kin. Mom used to baby sit him when he was just a month old, till he was 5 years old. He is 19 this year and a head taller than me now. But he is still very close to us. Very very close and we love this boy. He is more than a brother to us. Beside him is his gf, and they are one lovey-dovey couple.

My Sticky Chewy Chocolate

Birthday boy's Coit Tower (with the terbalik Malaysia flag!)LOL

... view while we were leaving the carpark.... little sleepy eyed Ching Ching...

...unintentionally taken family photo (didn't realised mom popped out from the back seat.. hahahaha)

..view from the mid of Penang Bridge

Q: Anyone wanna guess what are those barrier for?
A: Its meant to block the view of the opposite traffic from all the "kaypohs"on the road. Especially during accident. Don't be surprise, opposite lane has an accident, but your own lane get jammed and traffic refused to move, cos all too kaypoh wanting to see. LOL.. horrible!!!

Last but not least, I really enjoy this trip and the bonding has been great. We manage to pass by the whole week stay without fighting and I look forward to coming back more often so I can spend more time with mom and brother, the love of my life. Nothing is more important than wishing them good health and happiness. May GOD bless them with lots of peace and love.

Ah Boy's Birthday on 29.08.09

It was my brother's birthday. I baked his fav butter cake for him the day before and wanted to sing him a birthday song, but he hated birthday song. So NO birthday song and he just wanted to cut the damn cake. LOL. As I am not familiar with mom's oven and I can't seems to get the temperature right before putting in the batter for baking, the cake turned out a little wet in the middle though I overbaked for an extra 15 mins. The side was a little dark in color already. Neverthesless, still ateable though. :D

As I spend most of time at home, I am growing to love this little girl more. She is so well behaved. She does what she is being told to and will not throw tantrum and hardly cries. She is a simple happy child. Laughing most of the time and its so easy to make her smile and laugh. That makes me love her even more. I wish my own child would be like her. So adorable. Still praying for one and may GOD bless me with one soon. As for now, little Rou Ching gets most of my attention at home, of cos none less for mommy dearest and silly crazy brother.