Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am a Secret Santa to????

This coming Friday night is our company's DND... as commonly celebrated every year in between Xmas and New Year. But this year, its a little different, firstly we are having it earlier than usual, and it will not be held at any hotel but in our own HS office. Theme is 70's and best dressed will be awarded with $150.00 ( seriously, I can't be bothered to dress up in 70s when I was only informed 3 days in advance. Where the hell am I going to find clothes of the 70s?)... Its okie larrrrrr... so long as I am properly dressed for the event, and having lots of fun with my colleagues (only some... not all... )... will make the night 70s fill with lots of fun and laughter. Hahaha... whatever....!!!

Secondly, everyone is someone's Secret Santa. I've got this nice bag hanger from Cedric as the gift for my lucky pick. Hopefully she likes it. I do not like to get things for the sake of buying but it has to be practical where the person will use it.

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