Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Moon - 07.12.09

Finally, I'd watched the long awaited movie, New Moon, The Twilight Saga.

Gosh, after this movie, I have a new love for the werewolf... all because of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Damn.. he is such a charm... and if one thinks that Edward is a charm.. well.. he is the past charm to me. With his(Jacob) new found identity in New Moon and new look, he is almost perfect. Almost.. because he is in a movie.... caring, protective, his gazing eyes.. can melt any ice in a woman's heart.. well at least mine.. I was so convinced that I only love vampires, hence I loved Edward Cullen, but in this saga, Edward looks like a skinny pale vampire... (perhaps due to his intake of only animals' blood... he prohibits himself from taking human blood... )... LOL..
... but as for Jacob.. he is the Charm... just a stare from his eyes, makes my heart skips. Oh mine.. Okie.. I shall say no more.. and let you guys go watch it... but if your gfs leave the cinema goo-goo and ga-ga-ing about Jacob Black, just forgive her, cos my Superhubby did so. Hahaha..
Yes, he is Jacob Black, the werewolf!
These are the hunks who forms the group of werewolves. Aren't they a charm?

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