Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pink toilet seat.

Last week, I was checking out some stuff at Daiso at Rivervale Mall. I couldn't help it but got this pink toilet seat cover for my toilet at home. Hahaha... I love PINK... I can wear all pink, pink top, pink skirt, carrying a pink bag, with pink gloss, pinky cheeks and pinky watch! When Jac sees me in such color combination, she will tell me "I really can't imagine you being so PINKY... so NOT you.. you are loud and "chor lor" (meaning rough in hokkien)... but pink is so not your color... its meant for sweet, demure and gentle lady".. Hahaha.. may be she is right but I just can't help not to like pink.. don't know why but I love pink since I was a kid. Never get sick of the color though. Even now, while blogging this, I just realised I m wearing a pink camisole and pink boxers with my pink bag beside me, pink key pouch and pink mobile phone right in front of me here. Hahaha...

A client once said to me, if he ever found something pink on the floor, it must be mine. Must have been me, who have drop it. Hahaha... great.. then I will not have to worry so much since everyone knows that now. So, anything you see on the floor, cute stuff in pink.. must be mine!!! Please bring them back to me. THXXXXX!!


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