Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Hamsters

After lunch yesterday, Wee Leong, Michelle and myself, went to a pet shop at Suntec basement to get her(Michelle) new poodle puppy some supplies of dog food, dog bowl etc. She has just bought a 3 months old poodle for her MIL. While the guys are sharping their knife to get her to buy many many things for the pups, myself and "Hairy Teo" went to the front of the shop to catch a glimpse at those hamsters in the glass tank. They are so adorable that we can't help it but to snap some pics of them. Hahah... I used to have a mini Zoo at home (previous home).. where I had 2 cats, a dog (maltese), 1 chinchilla & 8 hamsters. Friends who visited me always joked about me having a mini zoo and me a zoo keeper.

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