Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy Sunday 06.12.09

Last sunday was a super busy day to me, given that I usually just laze at home and do nothing. Its my way of getting recharge after a tired week of working days. But this Sunday was kinda different. For the first time, I took part in a flea-market, selling my brownies. Its more of for fun and creating the opportunity for people to know the existance of my brownies. Thanks to Kim. She and her bf (whose father is a partner with actress Andrea de Cruz of a hair salon, CINQ). They let us have a little fun of flea-market at their salon on Sunday. Yeah, Andrea was there for just a short while and she bought some brownies from me.)

Superhubby took some of the photos but I will upload the photos taken from the flea-market much later.

After the flea, Superhubby dropped me at Jac's place and we went for dinner at Sushi Tei at Paragon. WOW!!! The place is fantastic, nice cozy ambience. The restaurant has moved to another unit and been nicely renovated. Quite impress and the menu is special too. We ordered food that other branches don't serve.

My all time favourite, gyu-don, but this menu has the combination of gyu-don with japanese curry. Perfecto!! Loved it but Jac prohibited me from finishing them up. *sob sob*

Uni sushi... (sea urchin)...soft but tasteless to me. Don't know why Superhubby loves it. He wasn't with us, otherwise he will be the happiest man at dinner. Whenever we go to a sushi bar.. he will always hunt for uni but just his luck, they are always out of stock. Jac ordered this for me cos she knew I have never tasted it before and she wanted me to try it.
Not sure what are these called as Jac ordered these too. All I did was to eat them. I eat almost anything in a Japanese restaurant. But these are salmon wrapped in .. ermm... don't know wat... hahaha.. oops!
Sword fish sashimi... I love this fish but I was told by friends that they contain high level of mercury and not good if eaten too much.
Now... Jac explained... "this is gonna be the right amount of rice you should be eating... nothing more that this... okie?"... and I went..."Orghhhhh... (looking horribly sad)... "

By the way, this little hill of rice... are of 4 spoonfuls. Thats it.... thats all I can have!!!!!! Not just for this dinner, but for all my meals... for a long time to come... (she and Superhubby are trying real hard to get me to lose weight... Superhubby asked for her help and here she is again... oh... Jac's profession... she is a Dietitian... but she is my BFF... so thats explain why Superhubby got her to help cos he knew, I listen to her... but I still find it rather pathetic to be eating only 4 spoonful of rice per meal.. I will try ... real hard...

After dinner, we went shopping at Paragon, CK Tang & Takashimaya, and Jac bought lots of stuff.. I am not gonna mentioned what she bought earlier but the last thing she got at Taka, is this little softy Xmas tree. So cute... it's about 1 ft tall.... and

.... if you press on this little red music note, it will play the song "O Christmas tree"... damn cute lor.. "tak boleh tahan.. ".. we couldn't help laughing at it.. she loves it instantly and bought it. (when I saw her happy laughter, I knew I wanted to get his for her as Xmas pressie.. but she bought it instantly.... now I have to think of something else to get for her Xmas pressie).

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