Friday, September 25, 2009

Resting at home

Been given MC for 2 days from the Osteopath that I went to yesterday. I had to go out for lunch as there was nothing for me to eat at home. I m not an instant noodles person, so didn't stock up some at home. I woke up late morning, after some lazing in bed, I finally got out of bed, washed up and went out to buy lunch. Before I came back, I went to the NTUC nearby and bought some ingredients to cook for dinner so I won't have to go out again. Too much walking is not good for my current situation. It was a long day for me today. But I fell asleep at the sofa while watching tv. Too tired I guess. Somehow I have this thought that my sofa is an energy sucker. Whenever I sit there, I feel so tired and drained. LOL...

I have always love this soup, I have no idea where its originated from, but I learnt this from Supermommy and according to her, once upon a time, my Superpapa brought her to this place in KL for hokkien food (we are hokkien, you see... but Supermommy is Hainanese). Superpapa loved this soup and Supermommy learnt how to cook this and eventually it became everyone's favourite dish at home. Its a must for me to have whenever I go home to Kulim. And without me asking, Supermommy just know that she has to cook this when I am around. Definitely brings excitement to her Superdaughter, me. Hehe..

We call it "bakau tng".. reason being, in Hokkien, "bak" means meat(mainly refering to pork).. but meat in general.. "kau" means starch and "tng" means soup. This soup consists of omelette, cut into smaller pieces, and mushrooms, preferably dried mushrooms that have been soak for hours, but I always use shiitake mushrooms. (too lazy to soak them in advance plus I don't really like the taste of dried mushrooms, some taste really weird), and last but not least, meat that has been coated with corn flour to make it starchy and look smooth. Oh yeah..they taste slimy and smooth in the mouth too. Love this. Anyway, here are some glimpse of it.

Just this soup with a bowl of white rice, completes my meal. Simone joined me for dinner as she just got home from work and I cooked extra for her too. She liked it as much as I did. And her bowl was super clean. Yeah, she walloped everything. (Notice the newspaper under the dishes? When you are too lazy to wipe the table after meals and do not have a maid to do so, then you just lay all the dishes over sheets of old newspapers... wuahaha.. )

Remember the Family T-Shirt I was talking about few days ago? Yeah, found some good sales for Giordano polo T for the boys and V neck cotton for Supermommy and me. When the designs are up and printed, will show you more.

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