Thursday, September 17, 2009

Edmund & Serene's little Treia Tan LeAnn

Baby Treia was born on the 01.08.09. We missed her full month party and finally visited her last night but she was sound asleep, sweetly asleep. The four of us, were yacking away and she wasn't awaken at all by our loudness. Cool baby... LOL.. We can see that both Edmund and Serene have so much patience with this little one.. doing nothing and just watching her sleep.. is enough to make them smile... How I envy... Anyway, here are some pics of her, sound asleep. (check out her cheeks... rosy cheeks.. hmmm.. I so want to munch her cheeks... aikkksss... ) LOL

Anyway, we will definitely have to pay her a visit again... soon... perhaps in the noon time, when she isn't sleeping so much... (according to Serene, she sleeps less in the day time). I would love to hold her in my arms.. (and munch her cheeks.. wuahahaha... scary aunty Lanny....). Till then...

While I was on the way to their block, at the carpark, the strap of my sandal broke and I was limping, slowly till I reached the stairs.. .and thats it... I took off that stupid sandal and just walked bare footed, or else I might just tumbled down the stairs like a ball... LOL

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