Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday 20.11

Finally had my passport done today. It was such a pain process. Waste of time. First, I have to arrive as early as 8am to get queue number as they only limit to 130 numbers per day. Went to the main door but was told by the staff that I need to get a security pass before entering the premise, so I had to walk to the guard house to exchange the pass with my driving license. Thanks to Mr.Gan that he gave me all the advice on what to bring, what to copy and he even got the form for me when he went to renew his passport 2 weeks ago with his darling wife.

So, after that, (trying to recap the whole procedure, damn!)...went back to the main gate and after some security screen, I went in to the Immigration Consular... took queue number to have my pictures taken, (for the Malaysians who need to renew your passport, please do not take your pictures anywhere else as they will not be accepted). After I had my pictures taken, from the photo machine like those you find at mrt station, the officer cut them into 4 pieces and returned to me in a white little envelope. Then I proceed to a counter to glue the pic, then make sure my form has been filled up completely, as incomplete form will not be entertained.

Take queue number again to proceed with the renewal. Waited till 10am before my number was called. Then, nightmare begins. You see, collection of my passport is after 230pm, what the hell was I supposed to do for the next 4.5 hrs? Mr.Gan told me yesterday to call him once I am done and he and Michelle will meet me for "makan-ing". But I felt bad as they have just started work. Not so nice to call them out. So I walked all the way out from Jervois Rd to Valley Point mall. Walked up and down, in and out of the mall. Shit lor.. so freaking bored. Had no choice but to call Michelle, and they came to pick me up and we went to Red Hill market place for my brunch. I was so damn hungry as I only had a glass of cold fresh milk before I left the house at 730am. I had chicken there, then I followed them for their errands. Then proceed back to Suntec to pick up "Small Jan" and "Hairy Teo" for lunch. We drove to Alexandra Road for lunch at shop that serves really good braised duck.

After lunch, Mr.Gan dropped me back at the Guard House to change for another pass for the collection of my passport. Started to rain again. This time, they called by the number by the pass we have. Mine was no.18, so I didn't wait that long to have mine collected. Left the Malaysian High Comm by 245pm. Shit...!!! Raining.. though I have always love rain but I still have an errand to run at Malacca Street and I was wearing a white pants. With my sandals splattering the water to my pants... yikes!!!
Anyway, this whole procedure, I hope this will be my last, as I intend to convert my citizenship by next year. Crossing my fingers.

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