Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dinner with Ah Gong

As usual, Saturday dinner with grandpa, da-gu and us.

We wanted to go back this Thai restaurant at Blk 57, Geylang Bahru but somehow we realised that another zhi char stall had taken over this restaurant. Since we were already there and grandpa insisted the food to be cheap and good, we thought no harm giving it a try. Btw, grandpa have not eaten there besfore. He heard from someone that the food there was nice. Hahaha.. old ppl.

Not bad but not that cheap either.

The tauke-neo insisted we try their new dish called Braised Pork Ribs... which we did and it came with a plate of 5 little man tous (fried bun). Not bad as the sweet bun goes well with the sauce but I used them to dip the curry from the curry fish head instead. (see below)

Superhubby and da-gu loved their "chut chut".. a type of shell seafood that requires some skill of sucking the flesh out from these shells. Yikes... I wasn't that interested with such art of eating seafood, though I tried but I don't really like it. Haha.. not in the restaurant.

But I love this nonya style curry fish head. One of the best curry fish head I had even eaten. The fish was not fishy.. and the curry.. very unique... we ate everything...(except the bones of course).. but the sauce.. dry dry lor... Hahahhaa... Yummilicous.


  1. wei he is your grandfather in law la... why address him as stupid? AH GONG in hokkien means stupid... wuahahahahha

  2. yeah.. but in han yu pin yin.. grandpa is spelled as "ah gong".. duhh... hahha.. same same la.. u understand can liao.. :oP

  3. Those snails look really good!

  4. these are not snails.. they are a type of seafood.. :o)