Saturday, August 8, 2009

Songs & Brownies

It has been a long time since I last downloaded songs or update my iTunes. Its time to do so. My brother has juz complained, that I used to pass him lots of new songs. But these days, he is the one who is doing that for me. Getting me all the new songs. But sharing is caring right? Hahaha... I am so lazy to download them now. Just get from friends or my BIL. He has loads of Mandarin songs, nice ones.

Love the song Push The Button by Sugarbabes... and sipping my F&N Orange... on a lazy Saturday....

I am thinking... may be I might be making my new creation, Cheesecake Brownies. We are meeting dearie Jac for dinner on Monday evening. So will wanna let her try some. She is a big fan of my brownies and has helped me a lot. And I would love to share what I make with her... she will not hesitate to give me her comments, good and bad. Just love her.

But for those of you who is thinking of asking me for my "secret" recipes, please pardon me. I've pain stakingly created these recipes with lots of trial and errors, and I am selling them too. I would not be in a state of mind to have given out my secret recipes just like that. So... hope you guys will understand that. Call me selfish.. but hey.. who isn't??? Hahah.... But, if you happen to be in Suntec area, (where I work)... I m more than happy to let you try them for FOC if I happen to make them during the weekend. *grin grin.. evil grin*... aiyah.... just order la... they are still very much affordable for the quality you are getting. :o)

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